Sunday, February 18, 2007

Blissing out on DURIAN!!


Okay in order to get that little play on words, it is necessary to know that the lovely rat in the picture, with whom I am lucky enough to share a home, is named Bliss. So it is both Bliss literally sitting on a durian, and at the same time she (and I) were absolutely blissing out on the divine taste and amazing nutrition and energy supplied by THE BEST durian I have ever eaten. Oh it was so incredibly good!! And I always feel like I'm walking on clouds when I finish them, my feet are so light - I completed a walk which normally takes me about 34 minutes in only 31, which doesn't sound like that big a deal, but in that time I also stopped to raid a fig tree and take a fallen mango!

Bliss, being the stunning and intelligent raw vegan rat that she is, also appreciates the delicious delicacy that is durian, and eagerly gobbled down the little bits I could bring myself to share with her.

I actually bought two durians, planning to have most of them earlier in the day and then finish off in the evening. The one I ate first was the incredibly amazing one (I ate it first cos I could tell it was going to be great!) - it was really green, meaning it was quite fresh, had an even stronger odour than usual, and had soft, squishy, custardy, increidble flesh. Oh goodness, writing about it makes me want another one right now!! Anyway, I ate all of that and a little of the other one in the afternoon then came back to finish it off later... unfortunately the last few pods were not very nice at all - kinda dry and hard, not soft and custardy like they should be. I put it in my blender with some mange and a medjool date and that was yummy though, so it wasn't wasted.

Okay, I am going back to university tomorrow so I have a few things to do today to get ready. Have a great day!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Raw Picnic, Yay!!
Well, Sunday was another raw picnic. This one would have to be my... 5th? I think that's right. Anyway, it was LOADS of fun, as usual. This time there were 5 of us in attendance, three of whom I had never met in person before - two I had met on the internet and one I hadn't met at all - and Kathy, a lovely lady I've met several times. Dani, Michaela and Jo were all gorgeous ladies too, and we had a great time feasting on scrummy food. Unfortunately, It was so delicious that I forgot to take photos until most of it was gone, lol!

Dani bought a huge and scrumptious fruit platter, which I ate most of - in the picture you can only see grapes and paw paw (aka papaya) - I don't like paw paw and grapes are one conventional fruit I just won't touch. I'm sorry but look at the size of them!! Imagine the hormones packed into that! The rest of the platter was mango, peaches, figs, and lychees... YUM!

Michaela and Jo both bought salads - Michaela made a dressing from Alissa Cohen's book 'Living on Live Food' - it looked stunning, very professional but contained (raw) honey, so I didn't have any. I'm not that much of a salad gal - I'll take fruit any day thankyou very muc :-) - so I didn't have any of the salad eaither, but it was very much enjoyed by the others.

Kathy bought figs drizzled with almond butter - they looked really good before we started but not so great in this photo!

And my contribution was Blackberry Mousse, the recipe for which can be found here at my raw recipe blog. Unfortunately, the others were rather full of salad and so each only dipped a few apple slices into this pure deliciousness, but said it was very good.
This was both good and bad for me, because I ate almost all of it myself. Super yummy, but too much too fast made me feel a bit yucky in the tummy. Didn't last too long though! I highly recommedn you try making this, it is a beautiful sweet alternative to regular dips!

Okay, must run. Hope everyone has an amazing day!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I hate coming up with titles

Don't you? There's always the option to just name them after a dish that features in the post (like I did last post) but I think that's kinda boring.

Anyway, on to more important matters like the meal you see pictured above. It is I can't believe it's not Waldorf Salad from Shazzie's Detox Your World. I have never tasted 'real' waldorf salad and so I can believe that this isn't waldorf salad cos I bet it wouldn't taste anywhere near this good!! Personally, I can't believe that this wasn't actually heaven... and I don't normally even like celery in salads that much (well, it comes and goes - sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it, sometimes it's in between the two). The sauce was the outstanding bit - the walnuts were unecessary and made the salad a bit heavier than it needed to be so next time i make it (which will be SOON!!)I'll probably leave them out. I modified the sauce quite a bit so I'm going to put my recipe on my other blog for you (lucky things!)

I'll have another new recipe for you on that blog in the coming days, as I am attending a raw picnic tomorrow (yay!) and taking it to that. I need to go and make my mum's dinner now (she's having tacos - vegan but not raw).

Monday, February 05, 2007

Coconut Banana Split

This is one of a number of Shazzie recipes I ate while on holiday (but unfortunately the only one I took a picture of)... it is the Coconut Banana Split from Detox Your World. It was really yummy except the fact that one of my bananas was certainly not up to the normal standard, which kinda wrecked it a little bit - now I know that it has lots of potential though, so I'll definately be trying it again when I have better bananas.

Now on to other matters - who knows that song 'The Best Things in Life are Free?" I don't know who it's by but it's very good. Anyway, my parents and I spent the last two days with their friends who live in a smallish town about 3 1/2 hours (by car) south of Perth. It is a lovely place, surrounded by huge ancient forests that we had a wonderful time exploring. We climbed an ENORMOUS (52m) tree that has been growing since 1795, which I loved - this is my back as I ascended it:

That's one example of how wonderful free things can be... I'm not going to go into any others as my purpose in mentioning that song was actually to talk about the wonderousness of free 'foraged' food!
Over the weekend I feasted on homegrown satsuma plums (ooooooohhhhhhhh, soooooooo gooood!), new season apples (so crisp and sweet), pears and wild grown blackberries, big juicy and delish. All this stuff for free which would have cost at least $20, probably a fair bit more, to buy. Amazing!

Well, after 2 weeks away I have lots of things to do so I shall have to say goodbye and hope you all have an incredible day. Thankyou to everyone who expressed sympathy over the tragic passing of two beloved guinea pigs, I miss them a lot though not as much as little Placdi the only survivor, who I am currently looking into finding a friend for.