Sunday, May 20, 2007

Feelin' Awesome
I just feel super great today and I want to share it with the world! I am also participating in the Million Paws Walk (read more here) today, which I love. I can't believe it's already been a whole year since the last one though!
Anyway, I have a bit of food to share with you today, along with my wonderful mood.

First we have what I am temporarily calling Flamin' Fettucine... I know that my raw carrot and zucchini pasta (made on the spiraliser) look a lot more like angel hair than fettucine but Flamin' Angel Hair doesn't have the same ring, now, does it? :-) I will put the recipe for this on my recipe blog at some stage... be patient! It's relly yummy by the way!

Next up is something really ugly that I didn't want to post at all but it was sitting on my camera so I thought I would just get rid of it. I hate nothing more than bland, brown food and that is all I think when I see this. It was nice but not outstanding... consists of sliced apples, blended bananas, sprouted buckwheat, young coconut and low temperature dried figs and apricots, re-hydrated in young coco water. Mmmmm I wish I had some more of those figs right now...

I saved the best till last... CHOCOLATE SALAD!! Yumm this was so tasty. I have posted the recipe at my other blog, check it out here. I'm pretty impressed with the photo too, even if I do say so myself!

Okay everyone, have a fantabulously awesome day and spread all the love you can!!

Friday, May 04, 2007


I had three dishes to post for you but one of the photos was totally blurry and unattractive so I left it out. First up is a salad with my own dehydrated Pecan Patties - how much do these things wanna look like freakin beef burgers or something!??! It's a bit scary really. I was going to post the recipe but they didn't turn out as incredibly delicious as I was hoping so they need some modification. The salad was darned good, but then isn't all salad (Well okay actually no, I'll share a secret - I HATE lettuce. Ick. All kinds, all ways, eww. I eat my salads with sweet, tender dandelion greens from my backyard. Awesome!)

This was something I didn't really think about before I made it - its 'angel-hair pasta' made of yummy new-season pumpkin and some zucchini on my spiraliser, with a sauce of tomatoes and young coconut, with just a smidge of garlic and spring onion, all blended together. It was nice but you know how most sauces become better as time passes and flavours mingle, well, this one sorta went the opposite way. Still good though! Oh and in case you're wondering that big black shadow is the face of my darling Ruhsa, coming in for a sniff!

Ruhsa is going great, so friendly and playful. It's totally weird for me to have a kittne in the house (even if she is nearly a year old, according to the shelter) because I haven't experienced that since I was FIVE years old, ie 13 years ago. When I was five my parents bought me my very own kitten (againn from a shelter) who was just 6 weeks old. We grew up together but when she was 9 she began having seizures and was diagnosed with a brain tumour. She had another year of happy life with ongoing medical treatment but eventually I knew it was time to say goodbye. Shortly after she left the world I adopted Sana, who was anywhere from 8-12 years old, based on which vet you listen to (personally I think 12 was closer to the mark). Of course I have experienced kittens at the shelter where I volunteered and also when my grandma and best friend bought new kittens into their homes, but I haven't had one in my own home.
Does anyone have tips for things for her to scratch on? I built a scratching post out of an old piece of carpet nailed to a piece of wood, but she still wants to scratch carpet, chairs and the speaker of my electric organ. She is and always will be an inside cat so obviously she can't scratch trees as she normally would... any suggestions welcome!

Here's a photo so you can all see how well she is getting along with Casper, who is ten now but is still keen to play with Ruhsa. (Yep thats my mum eating cereal in the background. It's not raw but at least, with rice milk, it's vegan!)

Lastly I'll share a photo of a protest I was involved in last weekend, organised by The Human Battery Cage - check out their website here. That's me, second in from the left in the white t-shirt (which is a PETA one, that has a picture of a cute pig saying "No, I don't have any spare ribs!").
Have a beautiful, productive day!!