Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hi everyone, as you can see this is my first-ever post. I don't really know what to post about, so I'll tell you a bit about myself. My name is Freedom, I am 17 and live in Australia. Currently I live in a little country town in SA but I am about to move to the suburbs of Perth to attend university. I am not looking forward to leaving the country environment but I can't wait to start uni, where I will be studying a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery. I have wanted to be a vet since I was 5 so getting accepted into uni was a pretty big deal!
My life revolves around animals, which I why I decided to go vegan on the 14th April 2004. Being a vegan, I don't eat, wear or use any products which contain animal ingredients or which have been tested on animals ie meat, dairy, leather, silk, wool, honey.
I adore vegan cooking and especially MUFFINS! I love banana, blueberry, apple, pumpkin, carrot and any other kind of muffin you can think of and I am forever trying new muffin recipies. Today I bought an Apple and Almond muffin for lunch at my second-favourite health food shop and it was delicious. I was kind of sad though, because it is the last muffin I will have from there until I come home on visits from Perth. Oh well, maybe I will find a similar shop near my new house.
Bye for now!