Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Another Raw Picnic and Other Happenings
Hello! Last sunday was another raw picnic and it was sensational! I do love living in Perth - it is supposedly WInter here but the day was so warm and sunny that I wound up taking my shoes and socks off and wiggling my toes in the grass! It was brilliant!
Oh and then there was the food... Y U M! It's raw - really it is! I know I know, look at that pizza and you won't believe it but it is. I didn't get to try quite everything because there were so many people there (which was excellent) but I didn't mind. Also, one of the chocolate pies was made with honey (I always ask if anything has honey) so I gave that one a miss. Some of the stuff was AMAZING but to be honest, some of it tasted too 'real' - I ate a single forkful of the coleslaw, which contained somehing have never had before, apple cider vinegar. To me it tasted sour and 'off,' like it had been sitting around fermenting (which, I suppose, it had!) And I had some guacamole which was nice but if I hadn't already taken my socks off I reackon the salt would have knocked them off, lol - I was trying to get the taste out of my mouth all afternoon. The pizza tasted insanely realistic and was also super salty. I'm just so used to the simple pure deliciousness of fruits all by themselves! The lasagne was INCREDIBLE though, and I'm actually planning to make it tonight for myself. I took an apple pie and some chocolate, whch everyone loved. There was a little cake left over and my mum took it to work for a birthday celebration - she works with a (non-raw) vegan who absolutely ADORED it, which was nice. :-)

Without further ado, pictures:

This is my apple pie. Just add this t the list of recipes I promise to put on the other blog soon, lol!

Okay, at 12 o'clock we have the pizza. Moving clockwise are brownies (in the rectangular blue container), a chocolate pie thingy (in the oval white dish), a little teeny bit of the honey-pie is visible to the right of that, then my apple pie again, down the bottom are some books that Dani bought to lend to people (I borrowed Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko. Read it. Now.) The large glass bottle contais grapefruit juice, then there's some sliced tomato and avocado, at about 9 o'clock are some flax crackers wit a dip that was actually leftover filling from the INCREDIBLE lasagne which is just to the left (did i mention it was DELICIOUS??). Above that and to the left is the innards of a durian - I looove durian but I thought I'd let thoe who had never tried one eat it. Apparently it was very good (new season, only just shipped in from Thailand). To the right of that is a salad and above it is the coleslaw. Smack bang in the middle is dip, from recipe in Alissa Cohen's book Living on Live food. It was yummy, but a bit too rich and (again) salty for me. Phew! Did you get through all that??

Right, this one shows you the whole Honey-pie (at about 11 o'clock), some fruit nut balls rolled in coconut, the chocolate pie, and some spiralised zucchini pasta with two little pots of garlic sauce to go with it. Too hot for my little tongue!!

This one's just a close up of some things you've already seen.

Lastly here's something I made last week. I thought it looked stunning (why you get 2 pictures) but tasted pretty yuck. Pooh. I think my young coconut was past it's best, which doesn't help matters but as I said to mum - I keep seeing young coco in savoury recipes and trying it, but I just don't like it. Young coco is amazing alone and great in sweet reipes o frm now on that's the only way I'm eating it!

Have a fantabulous day everyone!

Friday, June 08, 2007

I'm BA-ACK!!
Hello! I'm terribly sorry everyone... I did not get swallowed up into a black hole, or drown in a toilet, or get arrested at an animal rights protest (my dad is always saying I'm 18 now, he's not paying my bail if I do, lol!) and I did NOT waste away into nothing because all I eat is raw fruit and vegetables (just in case any raging omnivores who hate us raw vegans are reading this, lol again!)
What did, in fact, happen was that the semester finished and I had exams. Not very exciting, is it? But now I am off uni for 7 weeks and I promise to blog more, I am also getting a bike soon so instead of walking/bussing/train-ing everywhere I will now be pedalling, YAY!
So that's exciting, and what is also exciting is that I have lots of food for you today! Oh but one not so exciting thing is that the ability to comment on my last post was non-existent and I have no idea why. I'm crossing my fingers that the same thing won't happen again... has this happened to anyone else? Was it a Blogger error on that one day? Who knows...

I had this for dinner one night but I think it would be an excellent breakfast for people who are transitioning to/experimenting with raw food, especially if you like porridge/oatmeal. I will post the recipe on my other blog soon.

From another angle:

It is now 9 days into winter here but the end-of-season sweet corn (organic and local) is still available and I think it is the best I've had all season... SOOO sweet and flavourful. I'm eating A LOT of it. This is kind of corn soup... if I remember, it was two ears of corn, a tomato, some flax seeds, bit of water all blended. Maybe there was something else in there? It was nice but with corn this good I think I'd rather just eat it straight up.

Okay I know it is being pretty corny (not literally!) but I am calling this dish 'Dillorangeous.' You know, like delicious but using the two main dressing ingredients... stop laughing! :-) Anyway, I made this salad one night and felt like doing something really different... so I made a dressing. Normally my salad dressing is orange juice or maybe lemon juice, so this really was different. Anyway, it was really good so I'll post this recipe on the other blog at some stage too. I was eating this and going "mm, yum, this is so good" and mum asked why it was so nice and I said "well, I made this nice dressing which is really good but I think what makes it great is the alfalfa sprouts. I love alfalfa sprouts." It's a pity they take so long to grow (well, they do when it's winter and you don't have much sun) but I love love love them. Yum.

Mmmm, this was really good too. I made some 'corn chips' out of my yummy corn in the dehydrator and used them, carrots and celery to dip in two types of dip. I might post those recipes later too. Yum, I want some more corn!

Okay that is all for today. I'll return shortly!