Thursday, February 15, 2007

Raw Picnic, Yay!!
Well, Sunday was another raw picnic. This one would have to be my... 5th? I think that's right. Anyway, it was LOADS of fun, as usual. This time there were 5 of us in attendance, three of whom I had never met in person before - two I had met on the internet and one I hadn't met at all - and Kathy, a lovely lady I've met several times. Dani, Michaela and Jo were all gorgeous ladies too, and we had a great time feasting on scrummy food. Unfortunately, It was so delicious that I forgot to take photos until most of it was gone, lol!

Dani bought a huge and scrumptious fruit platter, which I ate most of - in the picture you can only see grapes and paw paw (aka papaya) - I don't like paw paw and grapes are one conventional fruit I just won't touch. I'm sorry but look at the size of them!! Imagine the hormones packed into that! The rest of the platter was mango, peaches, figs, and lychees... YUM!

Michaela and Jo both bought salads - Michaela made a dressing from Alissa Cohen's book 'Living on Live Food' - it looked stunning, very professional but contained (raw) honey, so I didn't have any. I'm not that much of a salad gal - I'll take fruit any day thankyou very muc :-) - so I didn't have any of the salad eaither, but it was very much enjoyed by the others.

Kathy bought figs drizzled with almond butter - they looked really good before we started but not so great in this photo!

And my contribution was Blackberry Mousse, the recipe for which can be found here at my raw recipe blog. Unfortunately, the others were rather full of salad and so each only dipped a few apple slices into this pure deliciousness, but said it was very good.
This was both good and bad for me, because I ate almost all of it myself. Super yummy, but too much too fast made me feel a bit yucky in the tummy. Didn't last too long though! I highly recommedn you try making this, it is a beautiful sweet alternative to regular dips!

Okay, must run. Hope everyone has an amazing day!!


At 2:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That looks fantastic and I LOVE LOVE blueberries. Do you think I can use one avocado? There very heavy for me. Thanks!


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