Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mum's Food
Here's a meal I made for my Mum last week some time, she really enjoyed it. I used the recipe for Creamy Herb Dip from Shazzie's 'Detox Delights,' though I changed it up a bit. Mum really liked it and I think it is the most awesome colour!! I love green food :-P

To go with it she had some veggie sticks - carrot, celery, snow peas - and this, which is a buckwheat cracker. I make these using my own recipe, which I have never written down but I will soon (honest!) Mum really likes it and says it has a nice texture, kind of like shortbread, that sort of crumbly texture.

Once again, how awesome are these photos now that I know how to work my camera!?! While I'm talking about my Mum, I'll share a little story. As you know, she went totally raw at the beginning of December last year and has been doing really well, however, she has an intolerance to salicylates, which are a naturally occurring pesticide found in a lot of fruits. In addition, her digestion is not great and she can't have many nuts or seeds. So her diet is fairly limited, and she has trouble feeling really full. Last week, she decided that she was going to try introducing some boiled/steamed veggies into her diet (like potatoes and pumpkins); she was really looking forward to it for a few days and then she ate it Thursday night. Afterwards, she was really disappointed and said it fell far short of her hopes, plus it made her feel pretty unpleasant and the next day she said - "don't eat cooked food, it makes you STINK!" So there you go - she's on raw food for life, I think!


At 2:42 pm, Blogger Pea said...

i might be going to perth in june so would love to visit you!

am going to make the cinnamon roll recipe! yum

At 8:35 pm, Blogger jenniem said...

Hey Freedom, It's been awhile since I was here but I'm glad I stopped by. Your photos were the first thing that I noticed. They look great. Well done.

I'm glad to hear about your mum and how much she is enjoying raw. Hopefully after a little while she will be able to tolerate the little pesticide buggers you were talking about and have some fruit. What a sad thing.

Dr Robert Young's book has lots of recipes in it that don't include fruit. Good book... The ph Miracle I think it's called.


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At 8:53 pm, Anonymous Kate Quinn said...

Hey Freedom,

The photos are looking great, and I really like the green soup in the red bowl :)

It's fantastic about your mum too. I'm back onto high raw - about 95% raw for the last few days. Hoping to get back up to 100% by the week's end!

Cya soon!

At 10:43 pm, Blogger Urban Vegan said...

We just had a raw food detox fast day and loved it. Felt great afterwards. I doubt we'll ever be 100% raw, but we're certainly trying to work more raw into our diet. Your blog is a true inspriration.

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