Thursday, July 20, 2006

Scrumptious Soup

If you've been following my blog, you may just have fallen off your chair - this is because I have NEVER blogged about soup before, which in turn is because I haven't eaten soup in the whole time I've been writing this blog. In case that doesn't make it obvious, I am NOT a soup person - at least I didn't used to be. I think that may now have changed.
I don't really know what drove me to decide to make soup last night - perhaps subconsciously my body told me that it was something it could deal with better after the nut overload mentioned yesterday. Anyway, I don't care why I had it I'm just glad I did. The soup is super (souper! :-) simple and really tasty - I think going raw teaches you that foods can be so enjoyable just on their own, they don't need to be in fancy combinations to look and taste great. The recipe came from a book called Juicing For Health by Julie Stafford, which my parents gave me for Christmas 2004 when they gave me my juicer. It's a cool book, with lots of information about juicing and healthy diets in general, plus LOADS of information about vital minerals, nutrients and vitamins and in which fruits and veggies they can be found. Oh and HEAPS of recipes for juices, soups, smoothies and sorbets. I think the soup I made was just called Avocado Soup and the basic recipe is: juice some carrot and celery, then stick the juice in a blender or food processor with avocado and some lemon juice, whizz it up and serve garnished with chives. I didn't have any cihves (confession: I don't even know what they look like!) so I sprinkled it with parsley and some spring onion. It looked really nice and tasted outstanding - funnily, it reminded me of very non-raw potato soup a little, although not in a bad way. If you're thinking it looks like a pretty small dinner, then you're on par with my parents - I had a little bowl of salad consisting of sprouted chickpeas, tomato and corn to go with it (I love sprouted legumes!) I highly recommend you try this if you have a juicer - it's great.

Now, as I realised yesterday I have not been sharing my food intake with you, so now I will - here is my FLOG for yesterday:

Breakfast (6am) - 2 Juliano Oatmeal cookies, one cookie of my invention (yet to be titled) and an orange.
Lunch (12 noon) - Big fruit salad (see last post for scrummy pic!)
Snack (3.30pm) - 2 dried figs, 3 dried apricots and 5 soaked cashews
Dinner (7.30pm) - Soup and salad as detailed above

That's similar to what I've been eating lately but with less nuts :-)
Have a good day and thanks for visiting!