Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My raw life
I realised yesterday that I've been recording my raw food intake in my private diary but not on here, which annoyed me a bit. It also occured to me that I have been eating 100% raw for a whole week (except one nori sheet for sushi, which was roasted). I was planning to have a cooked meal tonight to use up a couple of non-raw things in the kitchen but I don't really want to so I have a different dinner planned (pics tomorrow :-)
Yesterday I didn't feel that great and I got abtou a third of the way through my dinner (raw) but felt sick and couldn't finish it - I never, ever have stomachaches! I think the cause is the huge amount of nuts I've been eating - they're very hard to digest. Also, because of my eating disorder I haven't allowed myself to eat any for AGES, so I think my body is struggling a bit with all the fat from them, avocados and coconut. It's hard because I know that I need to put weight on. Anyway, today I cut right back on nuts and the five cashews I had were soaked for a few hours, which makes them easier to digest (plus they taste nice and creamy :-) The reason I think yesterday was the day the nuts 'hit me' so to speak was because I ate more than usual - I got the results of my blood test and so mum had one of her usual freak outs about my weight, although very much less than in the past. If you're interested/confused, no she doesn't know I've got an eating disorder but it's a bit hard to miss me being thin (although she thinks I weigh about 7 kg for than I do).

Sorry if this post is a bit all over the place, I'm reading other people's blogs as I type :-)

The results of my tests weren't bad, by the way - everything is pretty normal (including B12) but I probably have hypothyroidism, which is linked to my weight - I'll tell you more after I've discussed them with my naturopath next week.

I have to go make my mum's dinner but I'll leave you with some super yummy food porn - this is what I had for lunch and it was absolutely delicious. Apple, banana, coconut, paw paw, pear, pineapple, raisins, and watermelon. Pure, raw, fruity heaven!


At 8:51 am, Blogger EatPeacePlease said...

This looks wonderful. Let me ask you one thing: how do you type your blog while looking at other people's blog at the same time?!

Good to hear you are seeing a doctor and keeping updated. I hope your tum feels better soon and I think you are right that your body just isn't used to certain foods or certain amounts of foods. Keep it up, your body needs it. And you are eating great stuff, so no worries.

At 9:51 am, Blogger Freedom said...

Hey Leslie. To answer your question - with great difficulty :-) I've got mine open in one browser window and someone elses in another, plus maybe another page and a game of solitaire... I don't like having nothing to do while I wait for a page to load!

I have been seriously screwing with my body for the past few years so I think it will definately take a while to recover, and I do feel much better today - I don't think it will take me long to get 'in tune' with what I need.
Thanks for stopping by!

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