Thursday, July 13, 2006

Finally 'Home'!
Yes, I have now returned to Perth from my stay in South Australia - SA will always truly be home but my house, parents and beautiful animal friends are over here in WA so I think I have two 'homes' at the moment. Anyway, this means that I can finally share with you the wonderful foods I enjoyed on my trip. Although (as I mentioned in
my last post) I was not 100% raw for the whole nine days I did have two totally raw days and every single dinner was raw (okay, except when I had sushi and the nori was roasted, but it was pretty close to raw! :-)

Tuesday - On my first night I was staying with one of my three very best (human) friends, Amy, and the picture you see is in the kitchen of her beautiful 1800s stone house (how I miss my 1914 house). I had Cheeseburger #1 from Juliano's RAW, served between two pieces of Real Toast with generous smearings of Mayo #2 (both from the same book) and some lettuce and tomato. It was superbly delicious - I've raved about the mayo and burger before but the toast was a new one. It was tough to make but worth it.

Wednesday - Night number two was spent with another of my best friends, Alycia, but I didn't have a chance to take a photo of dinner there. It was quite simple - a salad with Sunlight Burgers (actually a sunlight burger). It was nice enough but a bit dry and didn't hold together all that well. I don't think I'll bother making that recipe again.

Thursday - I was with my Nanna and Grandad on the third night and I made the Black Olive and Cream Dim Sum, yet again from Juliano's RAW. I didn't like it. This is the first recipe of his that I haven't enjoyed and I REALLY didn't enjoy it. There was way too much lemon juice and it overpowered everything and I have never really been an olive lover so maybe this was doomed to fail from the beginning... the picture isn't even very good :-(

Friday - Still at Nanna and Grandad's, I had an absolutely amazing dinner but no time for a photograph as I was rushing to go to bingo :-)
I'll definately be making this again soon though, so I'll tell you all about it then!

Saturday - My two cousins and I stayed with my other grandparents on the fifth night and I had Pesto Pasta (from RAW), although slightly altered. The recipe calls for some of Juliano's pesto sauce, but blends it with lots of olive oil, which I chose not to do, and for the 'pasta' I just used zucchini, onion, red capsicum and sweet potato. It was REALLY yum (back to the normal Juliano style) and will be appearing again.

Sunday - At the grandparents again, although minus my cousins this time, I made sushi which was so pretty it needed two photos. One roll contained Juliano's RAW Ricotta Cheese and the other was Mac Cream, with a selection of veggies including sweet potato, carrot, cucumber lettuce to cover and (with the Mac Cream) mushroom. My grandma (omnivore, harasses me constantly about food) tried one and thought it was so delicious that she made me write the recipe out with sushi-rolling instructions :-)

Monday - I was with close family friends who I refer to as my Auntie, Uncle and Cousins, one of whom is the third of my best friends and repeated the meal from Tuesday, so no picture.

Tuesday - For the last night I returned to my grandparents and threw together a recipes completely off the top of my head and it was absolutely superb, if I do say so myself! I will be posting the recipe in my other blog very soon, so check it out.


Wednesday - I was on the plane flying home at dinner time, and my mum pre-ordered me a fruit platter. It looks a little unappealing with all the glad wrap but the fruit (kiwi, passionfruit, pineapple and orange) was fresh, juicy and delicious. I had this with some cashews and it made a great dinner!

And so that is the end of my wonderful food journey - well done for making it to the end! If you can possibly read anymore, check out the latest recipe on my other blog: Zucchini Cashew Dip
I whipped this up for lunch on Sunday while at my grandparents with cousins - they all tried some and thought it was really yummy, even my cousins who eat full on SAD (Standard Australian Diet).


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