Saturday, July 01, 2006

Cookies, cookies everywhere!

Well, I haven't been wasting any time with the dehydrator - it has been going just about non-stop since I got it! I have been desperate to try some cookies and so yesterday I did. I made two batches (although dehydrated at the same time), one of them was Crunchy Flax-Seed Cookies from Juliano's RAW and the other one was my own creation. Juliano is yet to disappoint me - that man truly is a master of raw cooking, as I have not yet had a recipe that didn't blow me away. These would be better if my recently purchased coffee grinder had come though - he uses ground flax seeds (although suggests a combo of whole and ground) but my food processor doesn't like grinding flax seeds, instead just spinning them round and round and round. So the cookies were just a tad on the seedy side - but still delish!

These cookies are my own creation and I have to say, I'm pretty happy with them! After 12 hours in the dehydrator they were still pretty moist rather than crispy like the flax ones, but very yummy. Checkout the recipe here: Betternut Bites
If you don't have a dehydrator you might struggle a bit :-) but the recipe is worht a look, and you may be able to cook them on low heat in an oven if you're not worried about them actually being 'raw.'
Thanks for stopping by everyone!


At 5:19 am, Blogger Vicki said...

your cookie stacks look delicious! and i do have a dehydrator....i just need to find it ~ thanks for reminding me. what have you been drying?

At 12:46 pm, Blogger KleoPatra said...

Delicious dehydration. Some day I'll do it, too.

The cookies are nice. How'dja get 'em to stack so well!? Nice job, freedom!

At 4:58 pm, Blogger Freedom said...

Vicki, you have a dehydrator and don't know where it is? I've been using mine non-stop since I got it last week, lol... look back over the past few posts to see what else I've been drying (and in the coming days there'll be more :-)

Kleopatra, you definately have to try it. I'm glad my "some day" has finally come! I was really excited about my cookie stacks - I've seen other bloggers photos of cookie stacks and thought they looked so cool, but I've always baked muffins rather than cookies. I was very happy to have the opportunity to make a stack. I think they stacked well because they don't rise up at all in the dehydrator like cookies in the oven, so they're really flat.

At 12:51 pm, Blogger Dori said...

You have been one busy cook! Love the cookies. I'd love one right now... I have a few customers that were raw eaters in which I created a "raw bar" to please them. You cookbook sounds interesting. Have a great trip home.

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