Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hello everyone! My holidays have officially begun and I am going to be cooking, cooking and cooking some more, so you have lots to look forward to! Before I begin, though, I am going to share the tragedy which occurred in my backyard this afternoon. Some people may think calling it a tragedy negates the suffering of others but I believe all life is equal and any death should be regarded as terrible. We have enormous glass doors at the back of *our* house (we’re renting) in what is supposed to be the family room but is actually an extension of my room, since my actual bedroom is so small. Anyway, it is lovely to have all the sun pouring in the windows and to be able to see the multitude of birds in the backyard. Although we live in suburbia and the big buildings of the city are actual visible through those same glass doors, we have a lot of bird life. This includes a pair (or possibly a family) of rock doves, more commonly just referred to as pigeons. They’re Australian natives though. Anyway, about 45 minutes ago I was reading and one of them flew into the glass doors at full pelt, and flopped to the ground in a cloud of feathers – I’ve never seen a bird hit anything so fast. I dropped my book and ran outside and held it in my arms while it died – this happened so quickly that at least I think it’s suffering was minimal, but I feel so sorry for its partner, who will be wondering where it has gone. I wonder how keen a bird’s sense of smell is, and whether it will pick up the scent either on the window or where I buried it. Sorry if I’ve made everyone sad, but I had to share that because it is making me sad.

Now, let me try and cheer you all up again with food (it somehow has that ability). A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I am becoming interested in a new diet so to speak and asked for guesses – I got none, so I’ll just tell you… it’s RAW! I have been hearing/reading more and more about raw foodism lately and they whole idea really appeals to me – if you eat things that are living, it will give you more life and vibrancy, plus uncooked foods are full of living enzymes that are really good for you. I’ve known that for ages, and often try to minimise cooking time, for example when I eat steamed broccoli I only cook it until it is barely softened, not like the anaemic mush I grew up on.

This is not the only reason that I’m interested in raw, however. I am about to tell you all something that very few people know. So if you happen to be related to me and have found this blog by chance, stop NOW!!! DO NOT CONTINUE READING OR I WILL KILL YOU!!! I am 100% serious. If, however, you are not related to me or know me personally, do continue.

I have a weight problem. Not the weight problem that some insane percentage of the developed world has that I am grossly obese, I actually have the complete opposite problem. I am desperately underweight. Before you ask, my eating problems started two and a half years ago and have NOTHING to do with being a vegan – they arose after serious harassment at school which left me depressed and suicidal for a time. Being vegan has just been a convenient cover up for why I’m thin – only my two best friends know that I am not underweight because I am vegan. I want to be healthy and happy but it is terribly hard and as soon as I have a good day I have a bad one which ruins everything. However, I have now made the firm decision that I am going to get better and I need to put on weight - the way raw foodism connects to this is that it involves a lot of NUTS, and they are very high in all the good fats so I am trying to eat lots of them. It is useful that I adore cooking so much but now I have to make myself cook for me not others (although I will be doing that too!).
Now, without further ado, here is FOOD! Just one little snippet of all the things I’ve been making – this will have to tide you over until I post more. This is ‘Almond Flower Cheese’ from RAW: The UNcookbook by Juliano, which I borrowed from my library and am loving. If you have this book, make this cheese. It is delicious. In the picture it is topped with a sprinkle of sunflower seeds and a sprig of coriander, with sweet potato sticks on the side (is it just me, or is raw sweet potato totally delicious?) The cheese is kinda time-consuming but totally worth it – the longer you leave it sitting in cheese cloth to drain, the harder it gets but I got sick of waiting and had it quite soft, like a dip.

Well, congratulations on reading all that! Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a great day/night/afternoon or whatever time it is in your part of the world!


At 11:28 am, Blogger KleoPatra said...

I had anorexia when I was 15, so I understand better than you think. It was a long time ago but I live with it every day in very strange ways. I do not tell people this but I put it here so you know you are not alone.

I'm sad about the bird but I am glad you were there to comfort it. Bless you.

At 3:09 pm, Blogger Freedom said...

It is good to know there are other people who know where I'm coming from and what i'm going through. It feels so strange to say I have anorexia because I feel as though everyone should know but, as I said, only my two best friends do. But it is the truth and the more I am prepared to accept it, the easier it will be to overcome it (hopefully).

At 9:52 am, Blogger KleoPatra said...

Once you accept that you have a problem and once you decide you want to GET BETTER and GET HEALTHY, you will be on the road. It's a long, road, freedom, but if i got back to a normal, happy life... YOU CAN TOO!

I hope you know that it's up to YOU to want to LIVE LIFE for all that it's worth. And it's worth a LOT. I wouldn't trade my anorexic background for anything because it (and everything else that has happened to me in my life) has shaped me into the person i am today... and i don't mean "shape" as just in my physical body, but in how i am, how i deal with people and situations...

I could go on and on... if you ever want to talk to me about this, e-mail me...



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