Sunday, June 18, 2006

PHMs - Perfect, Heavenly, Magical Pumpkin Hazelnut Muffins
As you can tell these muffins are already pretty good but I have a few ideas for making them even better, so I won't post the recipe just now... instead you can enjoy the picture of them in their yummy goodness, combined with a beautiful sunset. Also, typing is a little difficult just now due to the bandage on my finger - a direct result of making these muffins! I have gathered from recipe books and recipe websites that in America you can buy can of pumpkin, already mashed up. This is not a luxury I have. Normally I much prefer to start with the raw ingredients, however, I nearly sliced the end of my finger off whilst trying to cut my lovely organic pumpkin. It just poured blood! As a result I didn't cook as much pumpkin as I had planned, which is why these muffins could get even better. I didn't need stitches in my finger but it is strapped up with sterile strips and Im having fun showering with a plastic bag over my hand!
My last exam is tomorrow (YAY!!!) so I'll be doing some looong blogs after that. Have a good day and thanks for dropping by!


At 10:40 am, Blogger KleoPatra said...

ARE YOU OK!? I'm sorry that happened to your poor finger!! Hope you are good to go SOON!

(I once sliced the area between my first finger and my thumb. Back in the day when I ate meat, it was when I was cutting (UGH!) salami! That'll teach ME.)

At 7:50 pm, Blogger Freedom said...

Ow that sounds really painful! I've had paper cuts there but never a real cut - my finger actually doesn't hurt that much at all, it's just annoying.

At 7:51 pm, Blogger Freedom said...

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