Saturday, July 29, 2006

Take Three

Hello! No, I havent' fallen off the face of the Earth - unfortunately I've just been too busy with uni to post. But here I am now, so that's all that counts! The above picture shows my third attempt at making Juliano's Crunchy Flax Seed Cookies. The word 'attempt' kind of suggests that the last two lots didn't work out, which isn't exactly the case - you can click here
to check out the first lot but unfortunately I didn't post about the second. Juliano suggests using a combination of ground and whole flax seeds but the first time round I had only whole, and the second time only ground. Both lots tasted good but the first was way too seedy and the second was much too dense (not 'crunchy' at all). So for my third batch I used half ground flax seeds and half whole and they turned out amazing! The texture is absolutely perfect! Unfortunately they aren't quite as nice taste-wise as the others because I forgot the cinnamon (duh! how could I? I love cinnamon!) and I needed one more date I t
hink, but I'm very happy with the result and I will definately continue making these.

I realise that this post isn't very long considering I haven't posted in about 4 days - scroll down and you'll see 'Midweek' Munchies (my new timetable means that I'm shopping on Fridays, so like Catherine I'm now doing End-of-Week Munchies).

Have an incredible day everyone!


At 12:00 pm, Blogger Dori said...

Hi! I noticed you added a link to your school. I checked it out and now wonder what program are you in? I am also secretly wanting to try your cookies or get the recipe, but don't want to buy the book quite yet.

At 12:12 pm, Blogger Freedom said...

Hey Dori, wow you posted that comment fast - I thought it was the middle of the night over there now? I get so confused with the time difference! Anyway, I'm doing a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery and loving it so far.

I don't think I can post the cookie recipe because it's direct from the book and that would be copyright infringement or something. But the ingredients are flax seeds, apple, cinnamon and dates. Chopped walnuts are also optional. Basically, mix it all in a food processor and then put in a dehydrator for about 11 or so hours. You can pretty much do it 'to taste' and I think the results would be good - if you try, let me know!

At 1:28 pm, Blogger KleoPatra said...

Aha, there you are, Freedom! I had a feeling you were busy studying. Smart girlie!! This looks great. So glad you had success! At last, 'eh?

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