Monday, April 03, 2006

Monetery Fritatta
Hi there, I meant to post this yesterday but ran out of time in the day, what with starting work and studying... but anyway, I'm here now. As you may or may not know, Saturday night is my 'experimentation night' and this week I could not resist trying a recipe that Susan posted a while back called Montery Frittata Normally when I make new recipes I change them a fair bit and as a result change their name, but Iwas fairly true to the recipe with this one. For that reason, I'm going to be a bit lazy and not type it out, but I will tell you the alterations I made. Aside from quartering the recipe, I did the following:

-regular brown onions not green
-red and green bell peppers (capsicums)
-normal, organic vine-ripened tomatoes (ie not roma)
-no olives (YUCK!)

-no onion powder

-no mustard

The result was really tasty but not spectacular. I definately think that if I make this again I will add more of all the seasonings, especially turmeric, basil and thyme. I was going to take pictures of the finished product but the frittata's transition from pan to plate was less than graceful so the pan pictures will have to do. I couldn't compete with Susan's pics anyway! Oh and one other thing - just before serving I stuck the pan under the grill for a few minutes so that the cheeze sauce browned on top.

Have a good night everyone!


At 2:40 am, Blogger Harmonia said...

Oooo! Interesting!

There's a new Midweek Munchies Code up on my blog now - check it out!


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