Friday, March 31, 2006

Midweek Munchies

What Freedom is contributing:
-bottled orange and mango juice
-wholemeal grain bread
-flaked almonds
-tin of artichoke hearts
-tin of corn kernels
-2 tins of chickpeas
-tin of four bean mix (baby lima, red kidney, great northern, garbanzo)
-tomato paste
-wholewheat flour
-satay sauce

-baby spinach
-pink grapefruit
-button mushrooms

-quinoa (organic)
-cous cous (organic)
-a carob/tahini/banana bar (with only 3g of fat!)

The first group comes from the supermarket, the second from the fruit and veg shop and the last from the wholefoods store. The carob... bar was delicious and (even though I've been vegan for nearly two years) my first ever carob experience.

Sorry I've been absent for a few days - uni has been a bit hectic. I have a photo and recipe but they will have to come tomorrow as it is very late now. In other news, I FINALLY got a pert-time job today (after six weeks of applying). I am dressing up as a giant teddy bear and doing stage shows, birthday parties etc - should be lots of fun and the pay is great ($40AU for a half hour stage show!!)

Happy Midweek Munchies - if you want to know more check out the home of MM, .Harmonia's Hut


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