Saturday, March 25, 2006

Veggie of the Week
Looking back on my first week of posting I have noticed a couple of things:
1. It is really nice to get comments and it is an incredibly strange feeling to know that you are communicating with people so far away and
2. I have really used A LOT of corn this week. There was the Corn and Garbanzo Fritter on Tuesday, Corn in my salad on Wednesday, Creamy Corn and Carrot Chowder on Thursday and then Corny-Bean Muffins yesterday. I'm also going to be having corn in my dinner tonight (recipe tomorrow :-)). I have never really been here or there on corn - it wasn't one of my favourite veggies but I didn't dislike it. Now, however, I know that I really enjoy it, so I plan on using it more. In light of this discovery, I have decided that corn is this week's VEGGIE OF THE WEEK!! Last week I hadn't thought of this idea but if I had, sweet potato would have won hands down. And the week before would have been kale. So if you are like me and don't really use much corn I advise you to go out and get some, in whatever form you desire!

P.S The corn in the photo is not any I have bought or anything - I just googled 'corn pictures' (actually I yahooed it) and this was the first thing I got. I've always thought it was a very attractive vegetable but this photo doesn't do it justice.


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