Thursday, November 01, 2007

An Exciting Picnic

Since I am such a lucky princess, my birthday did not truly end at midnight on the 19th - two days later I gathered with a group of wonderful raw friends on the banks of the river that I am lucky to live just minutes away from. May, Rachan, Karen, Jen, Kate, Chris, John, Jill, Dani and Jess were all there to make the day wonderful and so was.... SERGEI BOUTENKO! If you know anything about raw food you have probably heard of the Boutenko family. Victoria (Sergei's mother) wrote 'Green For Life,' the amazing book that brought green smoothies to the world. Sergei and his sister Valyeria co-authored a recipe book, 'Eating without Heating.' Anyway, Sergei is currently touring Australia giving presentations - and he just so happened to be here in Perth over my birthday so he joined the party. I was very excited to have a celebrity in attendance, lol! But really, he was just a really nice, friendly, down-to-Earth guy. We had a good time discussing language differences (like cantaloupe=rockmelon, courgette=zucchini, coriander=cilantro, and why you should call it a 'bum-bag' not a 'fanny-pack' :-)

Oh and apart from the amazing company there was food... and lots of it. I didn't get many pictures but I'll list what I can remember... cake x 2 (the leftovers of mine, plus one karen made), pizza, flax crackers, kale salad, fruit salad, durian, dip with veggie sticks, banana pudding, banana celery salad, homegrown loquats (YUM)... I think that was it. I do know I stuffed myself silly! :-)



Have an awesome day everyone!!


At 6:51 am, Blogger cherry said...

Hi vegan princess,
I want to be a raw vegan too! Can you help?
Are there any books/websites you recommend? What do your friends think? What do you do when you go for a meal/to a party/ friends house? I know my mum and dad will go mad next time I go home if I say I'm a raw vegan and my boyfriend will think i've lost the plot! Any tips? Thanks.
Cherry. xx

At 6:48 am, Blogger erica said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Freedom! You look so happy and radiant in the picture! What a handsome group!

At 4:16 pm, Blogger behc KEY said...

Hi! My name is Becky! I stumbled across your page while googling "raw vegan". The reason being, i've been vegetarian since may 2003 and Vegan since january 2005 (new years resolution) and this year i would like my resolution to be raw vegan. Now i've tried this before and failed miserably after four days. I realized i dont know enough about it, like i need someone to hand it to me on a platter. What i can eat, and how much i need to stay healthy. My biggest fear would be not eating all that i needed to. After finding you, i really think you can help me! Maybe send me recipes, what you would eat in a typical day? Anything would help, i made my account just to ask you this stuff. If you want you can email me.. :] Thank you!

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