Friday, October 12, 2007

What I ate Wednesday (again!)
I'm ba-ack! Now I did not eat this sushi on wednesday... I did not eat it today... I did not eat it at all, in fact (I'm sounding like Dr Seuss now - I do not like green eggs and ham. I will not eat them in house - I will not eat them with a mouse... lol! :-) But I did make this sushi and I thought it looked so professional there in it's plastic container, that I had to take a picture. Anyway, I'll get back to the sushi later - for now, lets see what I ate on Wednesday!

Just over 2L of green smoothie, containing 3 really enormous bananas, 4 pears, a load of silverbeet, some parsley and water.
About 6 lady william apples.
LOQUATS! Lots of them... I don't know how many. They were all fresh picked from trees in people's front yards who didn't want them... can't see fruit going to waste! This picture was not taken by me, it's just a generic loquat picture in case you don't know what loquats are. They're very yummy! My parents and I went to watch a game of basketball (we're big fans, but we don't go much anymore - we support the South Australian team, but since we moved here to western Australia last year, we only go twice a year when the SA team comes here to play the WA team). Anyway, I took a big bag of loquats with me to eat while we watched the game and that was my 'dinner.' YUM!

Now, back to the sushi... I made this for lady I work for. Yes, I have a job - I got it about 2 months ago but I've been a tad slack in telling you about it. I have to say, it is the most incredible job I could imagine having right now, because it fits in with my uni schedule so well and it is something I loooove doing. I volunteer every week at PAWS (the People and Animal Welfare Society) and know a lady there who is vegan but also gluten intolerant as well as suffering bad osteoarthritis and somewhat overweight. A few months ago, she found out that raw food is by its very nature all completely gluten free! And then she asked me if I wanted to be her personal chef! So I now prepare her 7 raw meals and 2 desserts every week and she comes over to my place and picks them up! She gives me money to go to the fruit and veg shop and buy the ingredients, and also pays me $15/hour for my time, which normally equates to about $60/week! It doesn't sound like that much but because my wonderful parents still support me and give me some money for food each week, it is plenty for my needs. And it is so fun too!
She is an absolute sushi lover, so I make that quite regularly. Anyway, it is forecast to be another brilliant day here so I'm going to get off the computer and go enjoy it!!


At 6:22 pm, Blogger Michaela said...

i wish you lived near me so you could be my chef! i love reading your blog and you have inspired me to go back to being vego and i am staring the transition to vegan now. loved the banana ice cream in your last post yumo!
have a great week , michaela :)

At 3:36 pm, Anonymous em said...

That sounds great. Your friend should be proud of herself for taking this step forward to health and happiness.

love, love

At 2:58 pm, Blogger Kristen's Raw said...

Anything with the word "princess" in it gets my attention :)

We have so much in common! Animals, food, same music! It's great to meet you.

You're an inspiration to everyone. Keep up the fantastic work princess :)

Kristen's Raw

At 6:16 am, Anonymous Michele in New Zealand said...

Hi. I have you in my favourites but didn't realise you were Freedom at Raw Pleasure! I love your blog it was the first raw food blog I found. and I love your recipe one too.

I wish you could by chef too!

At 10:12 am, Blogger Veg*Triathlete said...

Congrats on your personal chef job! Sounds like a dream gig :-)


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