Saturday, August 25, 2007

Here Come the Caterpillars!
Yes, it's that time of year again - caterpillar season! I love it because I just can't get over how adorable those little guys are - little balls of fluff, squniching their bodies along and munching away on anything green. One particular little cutie has been hanging out on our back steps for the past couple of days and every time I go outside I carefully step over him/her and marvel at how much of the weeds have been eaten.

What I hate, however, is the number of poor innocent caterpillars I see squashed on footpaths. It's so very sad - they particularly seem to like the bike paths around where I live and every time I see one still alive, it gets the ride of its life on my bike until I find a nice grassy spot for it to live.

Anyway, sorry about my month long absence. I have two 'reasons' (ahem, excuses!) for my disappearance - one is that my ridiculously long holidays finally came to and end and I'm now back at uni, the other is that all the food photos I take are appalling. I would love to post every couple of days, showing you the stunningly attractice food I eat, but I just can't - it's not because the food I eat is ugly, anything but - it's just that I can't take nice photos of it. I think the reason for this is that it is always dark when I eat dinner and the artificial lighting stuffs up my photos. During the day when it's light, though, I eat fruit. I think you might get a little bored of photos of fruit.
But then again, maybe not. Because, really, what is more beautiful than nature's own stunning creations? But anyway, I do have some ugly, artificially lit dinner pictures for you as well:

These are nori wraps that I made last week and they were so yummy! Truly raw (untoasted) nori, surrounding home-grown alfalfa sprouts, slices of tomato, carrot and avocado - yummy yum! Oh and there are silverbeet leaves in there too, to keep the nori dry.

This is a little mini carrot cake I made myself, surrounded by sliced bananas. The recipe is inspired by one in Juliano's RAW (wow it's a long time since I've eaten a meal even inspired by a recipe book - normally they're just inspired by me!) and it was yummy but not as nice as previous times I've made it. Probably because the young coconut I bought was on the way out (even though I bought it THAT DAY!) and so there was no where near as much as there should have been. The 'icing' was heavenly though.

Here is some pesto I made. I'll be honest, it was not very nice at all. The walnuts were past their best, I think, although I only just bought them - that'll teach me to buy them pre-packed, not in-shell :-( It's kinda pretty though!

Now the exciting bit... RAW PICNIC! We had a picnic scheduled for last Sunday. Sadly, I woke up to see rain beating down and the tree outside my window bent almost double, but we had an alternate (indoor) venue so it was okay. I rode my bike the 9 or so kilometres in gale force winds but was still the first to arrive, lol. The relocation affected our attendance numbers, but nine beautiful people still managed to make it a great and very tasty afternoon!

Fruit Salad

Green Salad

Raw Torte, oh so amazing!

One of my contributions, flax crackers (savoury)

My other contribution, sweet flax cookies (sorry it's blurry!)

My absolute favourite thing there, kale salad. It is soooooooo amazing!! YUM!! I have a real struggle getting kale but I got my hands on two big bunches at the market on Saturday. Who wants to guess what I'm going to be making... :-)

This is the spread, although some more people arrived with scrummy food that I didn't get pics of.
Phew! After that mammoth picture upload, I"m going to leave you all drooling on your keyboards and go bounce on my little mini tramp! Have an awesome day!


At 2:31 am, Blogger bazu said...

Good to have you back! I think your food looks pretty darn good- especially those nori rolls- mmmm.

At 5:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good day Freedom :) It was great to find your blog on my quest for delicious raw food recipes (I have been raw for four months now and feeling better than almost any time in the last four decades). I am not quite ready to start blogging on my own - it's a big responsibility... but I am currently researching raw food as a cure for just about everything that ails modern society and am looking for feedback? Hope u can help - cheers :) L.

At 5:12 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

PS Boatshed Cottesloe usually has kale and I just discovered they do the kulaway young coconuts too!! MMMmmm:)

At 1:58 am, Blogger erica said...

Is it too hot down there to grow your own kale?

At 5:06 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

is nori ever truly raw? isn't it by definition toasted? it comes from seaweed so to be in a thin, dry state like that, seems like it has to be treated/cooked in some way.

At 10:51 pm, Blogger urban vegan said...

Drooling, as always. I love Juliano.

At 9:37 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're back! It seems like when I go back to reading your blogs, you vanish. :( But all is well again! Hooray!

At 11:30 am, Blogger Freedom said...

Thanks Bazu, oooh yes my nori rolls were scrummy!

Hi anonymous, Wow, that's great that you have been raw and are totally reaping the benefits! It is just too fabulous for words isn't it?! And I'm guessing that you're another Perth person - woohoo! Are you interested in joining us at our next raw picnic? I"ll give you the details if you are. Mmm, young coconuts are delicious - some of the asian supermarkets in the city sell them for half the price of what the kulaway ones are, which is awesome. Do a little bit of internet research and you'll quickly find that raw has cured cancer, colitis, diabetes, acne, diverticulitis and a zillion other conditons!

Hey Erica, in fact the climate here is pretty good for growing everything ... you may recall from a few posts back that we just moved house, so at the moment everything mum and I have planted is just a tiny green speck. But soon I'll have my own veggies, yummy kale included!

Hello anonymous, the majority of nori available is toasted (it is mostly also not vegan, as when the seaweed is harvested lots of innocent shellfish, sea snails etc are harvested too) but there are a few companies that sell truly raw, truly vegan nori.

Hey UV, reading food blogs puts the keyboard at serious risk of drool-damage doesn't it? :-)

Hi anonymous number 3, sorry for disappearing like that. I'll try not to do it again... glad you like the blog!

At 3:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Freedom, yes to Perth...and thinking it's a great locale for raw foodism. Re Northbridge !! I must go with a large sack as these days I go into food-frenzy mode about young coconuts (they never had that effect when I was non raw). Yes please to details; the picnic sounds interesting. And yes being raw rocks :) 18 yo non residential daughter has just talked me into feeding her takeaway raw for 30 days as she is so impressed with the changes in me :)

At 6:12 pm, Blogger Freedom said...

Oooh that's fabulous anonymous, it is so exciting to inspire other people to eat raw! And yes, Perth is a great place for raw foodists! The picnic will be held at Hyde Park on Saturday SEptember 29th starting at 12noon. It is a bring a plate type event, you can bring absolutely anything. Hope to see you there!

At 8:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Freedom,
I am so pleased I found your blog :)
I used to live near Hyde Park so I know the area. How many people usually come to the picnics? You said 9 turned up last time which was less than expected?.....
(now I am going off to look for the recipe for wilted kale because your pics inspired me to get some today :) )..

At 2:59 pm, Blogger Kristen's Raw said...

Looking forward to reading your blog more. I love the name of it! So fun :)

Have a super day!

Kristen Suzanne

At 7:22 pm, Blogger jessica said...

your food photos are yummy.
one of my favorites is kale too.

At 1:10 am, Anonymous said...

You are so awesome, you are so taented, when is the cookbook coming out?

At 2:17 pm, Anonymous Mark Anson said...


Some wonderful looking meals here.

Mark @

At 10:12 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Freedom - from the Perth anonymous:)
Can't make the picnic as have to go to Sydney :(. Please let me know when the next one is........
Cheers in living foods :) L

At 12:01 pm, Blogger Fruitarian Girl Art said...

I am mad at you! :(

Do you know that if you stop writing in your blog longer than three days it is considered dead?


You have such a winner here, now get to work and post photos of your yummy raw food, never give up!!!


I miss your posts. In fact I will talk about your blog in my blog tomorrow. You realy need to put a signature on each of your photos as well, I started to recetnely

check out


At 5:45 am, Anonymous Kai said...

I've been searching everywhere for information on raw vegan nori. Or even just plain vegan nori but I cannot seem to find any answers. Do you know the names of any specific brands? Thanks!


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