Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Here I am Again

Sorry for disappearing on you, and after I promised more regular posting too! But I am now two exams down, 3 to go - the ones I have done were both anatomy, which is quite a challenge, but they weren't too bad. I'm really looking forward to my holidays - even though I love studying throughout the semester, when exam time comes and you know that if you stuff up a two hour block of time all your efforts for the past 4 months are pretty much wasted, it loses the fun factor!
But anyway, onto food. Yesterday's FLOG:

Breakfast - Green smoothie with mango, banana, spinach, water, young coconut water (oh so incredibly delish!) Some fruit... 2 apples and a pear, i think?
Lunch - 1 apple. An adaptation of Super Broccoli Quiche from Shazzie's Detox Your World, wrapped in chinese cabbage leaves. I love this and eat it heaps. Mash some avocado, add chopped broccoli, celerey, asparagus and dulse flakes, roll up in chinese cabbage leaves (or other leaf) and devour. Oh and top with tomato slices, that's good too! Also very convenient for taking to uni - put the avo mixture in a container, the leaves in snaplock bags and then just spoon filling into leaves when at uni!
Snack - 1 mandarin, 1 peach, 3 apples
Dinner - Adaptation of Walnut Burger from Shazzie's Detox Your World served with adaptations of Mayo #2 and Real Toast from Juliano's RAW.
After dinner - Orange juice mixed with young coco water.

On Saturday night I made Crispy Spring Rolls (or was it Crunchy Spring Rolls?) from Shazzie's Detox Your World. Oh and the Sweet Apricot Sauce that she suggests to go with them. They were really yummy but not overly filling - i think they should be in the 'Side Dishes' rather than the 'Very Special Main Meals' section of the book. Oh wait maybe they are. Now I can't remember. Well anyway, I should have made more! The sauce was really yummy but very sweet - not the kind of thing I would associate with a savoury meal - more like raw apricot jam. I ended up just eating most of it with my fingers ;-) I think I will try incorporating it into a sweet recipe at some point in the future though!

Well, I must return to study!
Have an incredible day! P.S Summer has hit full on, nice and early! It's sooooooo warm here, I love it. I miss South Australia and my old life there sometimes, and I still plan to return when I finish my uni course, but wow is the weather here great. I pity all of you for whom winter is just starting!


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those rolls look so fresh and tasty!


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