Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Catching Up and Thankyou
I just want to begin this post by saying thankyou so much to everyone who has left me really cool comments lately. I have had people saying I've inspired them to make the leap from vegetarian to vegan, vegan to raw vegan or simply to start incorporating more healthy raw and/or vegan meals in their life. I never intended to 'convert' anyone with this blog but I can't tell you how happy it makes me feel to know that there are less animals and people suffering, and less damage being done to the environment as a result of nothing more than my words typed on a screen. It really proves that everyone truly can make a difference.
All these great comments also make me feel even MORE guilty that my posts have become so few and far between lately. However, that is all going to change! The simple reason for this is that... I have finished my first year of university!!! I can't believe it! Only four more years and I'll be a qualified vet, lol! (Please note, I am not someone who lives in the future - I am not planning any of the next four years of my life - I just can't believe that only 4 of my 5 years ofundergraduate study remain!)
I have a study week this week, exams next week (AHHH!) and then nearly three months of no uni committments whatsoever. Anyway, I am going to post every day starting now. I've also decided that the only way to avoid this blog getting boring when I do this is to post my daily food log (AKA flog), which will (hopefully) also be helpful for anyone who is just getting into raw and wants an idea of what a 'normal' raw vegan eats each day.

I'm not going to do that today though - today, I'm going to tell you about how my birthday finally ended, three weeks (!!) after it began. I'll give you some quick background first - if you haven't been reading this blog for long, you won't know that at the beginning of this year, my parents (and lovely animal friends) and I all moved from South Australia, where I grew up and my entire family and all my friends live, to Perth in Western Australia (about 3 1/2 - 4 hours by plane) because none of the South Australian universities offer veterinary science. On the weekend before my 18th birthday (friday october 13th) I got my first HUGE surprise when my parents took me to the airport and we picked up one of my very best friends who they had payed to fly in from Adelaide! She stayed for a full three days and three nights and we had a great time. Then the weekend after my birthday, (sunday october 22nd) I went to the biggest raw picnic I've attended yet (scroll back a few posts for more details) and although we didn't actually celebrate my birthday or anything I got lots of 'happy birthdays' and Meg made 'chocolate crackles' especially to be reminiscent of a kids bday party. All year my grandparents have been planning a trip over to visit us and for... well, months I guess, I have been planning a party to have with them. So they arrived on october 30th and then last saturday I created a delicious raw spread for them to enjoy. I was planning to make it a lunch but in honour of the 'international day of action on climate change' we attended a 'Walk against Warming' so it ended up being dinner. It was so funny - grandma said "Well! In one day I've been to a protest march and eaten a raw meal!" Two new things she's never done before!
Anyway, on to the menu. I made:
-RAW spachetti bolognaise
-zucchini pasta (to go with the bolognaise)
-mini quiches
-Corn Ring (from Shazzie's Detox Delights)
-guacamole (with veggies for dipping)
-pumpkin soup (modified from Juliano's RAW. This was special and I just made a bowl for my mum, who has EXTREMELY BAD food intolerances. She liked it and I couldn't have been happier!)

-carrot cake (modified from Juliano's RAW)
-chocolate biscuits

As you can see (in this terrible photo - Dad took it, not me!!) Grandma liked the mini quiches! So did Dad and I thought they were INCREDIBLE! They were inspired by Super Broccoli Quiche in Shazzie's Detox Your World but I completely invented the crust recipe, which I will post on my other blog really soon.

This is me with my mum, her mum (my grandma) and her stepdad (my grandad) before we hoed (Is that a word?) into the food.

This is mum's pumpkin soup - sorry the picture is blurry, my camera ran out of batteries so I didn't have time to snap any others and this one was taken on Dad's cam, which I suck at using even more than I suck at using mine! Still pretty though.

How beautiful and vibrant is the carrot in this photo? The colour of the guac isn't that appealing but it was delicious and Grandma couldn't get enough!

Another bad picture... but that can't disguise how pretty the cake is! Unfortunately no one else liked it as much as me but hey - more for me!

Mum is a very neat and tidy perons (I am too) so the streamers that had been in our lounge room for three weeks were really starting to get to her - as soon as I had blown out my candles, she started taking them down! (All over me!!)

And here's me with my lovely mum, lighting the candles (as we were doing so she said - "Watch out! it won't be raw if you get that flame much closer to the cake!")

To finish up, this is my parents and I at the Walk against Warming. It isn't a great picture but its rare that my Dad is in a picture cos he's normally behind the camera.

Whew, congratulations if you made it through that post! Come back tomorrow, I promise to post again!