Sunday, August 20, 2006

Yummy food Pictures!
Okay, here's a very quick post to show you what I made today... lunch was the first recipe I tried from my new recipes book, Shazzie's Detox Delights called Warm Feeling Inside Salad. I was having real trouble deciding what I wanted for lunch today but I finally settled on this because it was wet and windy so the 'warm' part especially appealed to me. I changed it a bit - omitting the macadamias and using spinach instead of watercress, plus a few other things, but it was delicious. Definite success for my first recipe from the book.

For dinner I had RAW Spring Rolls, yet another recipe from Juliano's book. These (well, this, as I made one big one) were altered a lot too but TOTALLY AMAZING (as usual - Juliano's recipes always rock!) Alongside is a bowl of Sweet and Sour Sauce which I liked in small amounts on the Spring Roll but had a very strong flavour. Sorry this isn't a very good picture, the lighting in our house is not good for photography!

Last of all we have a non-food picture - this is my darling kitty cat Asante Sana (Sana for short) who got right in the way while I was trying to take a photo of my salad. She is such a sweetie pie! And she always tries to eat my food - the other day my nori roll was on the floor (on a plate :-) while I got the camera and she actually started taking a bite! How rude! But adorable - if I could afford it, I'd MUCH rather feed her living ocean food than salmon cat food. Yuck.

Have a great day everyone!