Saturday, August 05, 2006

Lots and Lots of Food!
Okay, I'm going to play catch up on some things I've eaten recently so settle in for some yummy viewing. First up, we have lunch from last sunday - a beautiful fruit salad, served in half a coconut shell! Isn't it the most beautiful presentation? And it tasted as good as it looked.

Then we have Sunday night's dinner, which is truly raw sushi - there's a bit of a story behind this. If you're a vegan and you love your sushi, prepare to be upset because I was when I learnt that virtually all of the nori that is commercially available is supplied by two major companies in Japan, both of which make no effort to only harvest seaweed when they're making their nori. In other words, lots of fish (not to mention thousands of other tiny sea creatures) are scooped up in nets and then ground up with the seaweed to make nori sheets! Isn't that horrible? But the wonderful people at Raw Pleasure, my new favourite website, have just started stocking nori which is not only raw (normal nori is roasted) but is also guaranteed fish-free. Anyway, the nori is delicious and so was the sushi - I made two different fillings, both from Juliano (of course), one was Avo Micro-Organism and the other was Cream Sushi.

This is Kale Salad - if you remember back to when I went to my first raw picnic (read about it here)
my naturopath Jen bought a kale salad from one of Alisa Cohen's books and I loved it so I decided to recreate it. I was very happy with the result but didn't measure anything so next time I make it I will, and I'll post it on my other blog.

Here you see my own raw hommus and if you like the look of it, check out the recipe here: Freedom's Raw Hommus I had this for lunch today with carrot, celery and sweet potato sticks for dipping. My Dad tried some and said it was very nice, refusing to believe it was raw!

Finally is tonight's dinner (I only finished it about an hour ago!) which is a raw Mezze Plate inspired by a few recipes, one of which can be found at What the hell does a Vegan eat anyway (to see it, scroll down till you get to July 19)> The recipes is called Chile Rellenos and I thought it was going to be delicious - the stuffing was, when I tasted it before putting it in my teeny tiny capsicums, and it smelt great all day, but then it just wasn't that great :-( Oh well, can't all be perfect. I also made a nut pate myself, I'll post that recipe on the other blog at some point, which was really yummy (dad agreed again :-) It was on dehydrated eggplant rounds, slices of cucumber and sweet potato.

Phew, I have to go study before bed! Hope you enjoyed all my food as much as I did.


At 10:59 am, Blogger KleoPatra said...

Lovely food, freedom. Nice to see you eating healthy and somewhat hearty. Be sure to keep taking good care of you. We love you!

At 12:06 pm, Blogger EatPeacePlease said...

Hey, guess what... I found Juliano's book (a $35 USD book) for $10 and it looks new and untouched! I am so happy to be looking through it and I really need a dehydrator and I love that you love his book too because it seems great. Just letting you know I found it and didn't have to wait till the "holidays" nor pay full price.

And as always, your meals look great and presented so well.

At 4:15 pm, Blogger Freedom said...

Thankyou Kleo :-) It is amazing to think that people I've never met or seen, who live across the world, care about me. *****Hugs**** (for you and Mattie!)

Leslie I'm sooooo jealous! I'm having real trouble deciding whether to ask for juliano's book for my birthday, as all the recipes I've tried are amazing and I just love it, or whether to ask for a different book (probably Alisa Cohen or Shazzie's) because it has all new recipes... such dilemmas! Although dehydrators are great and all the dehydrated recipes I have tried are amazing, there are also plenty that don't need one... I particularly like all the stuff in the 'Raw Dairy' section. Let me know how you go making some things!
And thanks for the compliments on presentation - I love fussing over my food before I serve it!

At 3:32 am, Blogger Urban Vegan said...

Freedom: You are an amazing chef. When I was 17, all I knew how to cook was grilled cheese (I was vegetarian at the time) and French toast! You are an inspiration to all vegans, especially younger ones.

At 11:07 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

great photos! I've never heard about the fish and nori sheets...yikes!

At 11:17 pm, Blogger Freedom said...

Hey UV, thanks so much for that! I just adore cooking (or, uncooking :-) - it is odd, because my mum HATES it, although this works well because I cook for the family every night and thus get out of washing dishes :-)

Thanks Megan, the whole nori thing is gross isn't it?

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