Sunday, July 30, 2006

Lunch and Dinner, Super Yummy!
I did lots of study yesterday and also walked to the shops to buy oranges, garlic, zucchini and a new book for recording stuff in practical classes (add those foods to yesterday's End-of-Week Munchies). When I wasn't doing that, or blogging/reading other people's blogs, I was either (un)cooking or reading recipes (what a surprise!). The results were this:

(for lunch)
and this:

Lunch first, I had a Tuna Sandwich from Juliano's RAW and it was delicious. I don't think it tasted like tuna, although I can't really remember, but it was great anyway, and a lovely way to try my dulse for the first time. The only problem, which is not the fault of the recipe, is that my food processor refuses to grind sunflower seeds, it just spins them around, so I had a lot of whole seeds in the 'tuna' spread, rather than nicely ground ones - next time, I will just skip the soaking and grind them in my coffee grinder instead. I also changed the recipe very slightly by making more of an open sandwich, using only one slice of Real Toast and lettuce as the other piece of 'bread.' The Real Toast is probably my least favourite Juliano recipe, but this is definately the way to eat it!

On to dinner, I made a dish based on Macho Nachos (from Juliano, of course), which was awesome. Unfortunately the picture doesn't show just how delicious it was but here is what it consisted of:
thin crunchy slices of sweet potato arranged in a circle
a big dollop of guacamole in the middle of the circle
salsa spread on the sweet potato circle
dehydrated eggplant 'chips' around the outside
sprouted black-eyed peas and chickpeas sprinkled on
Mocksarella Cheese stuck in the guac
The cheese (also from Juliano) was AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS and I will be making it regularly, eating as I did here in the form of 'chips.' Dipped in guacamole it was mindblowing. If you have the book and a dehydrator, make it now!
Oh, and a word about the plate the nachos are on... it's another new one! Yay!Except I can't really say my collection is growing because the new plate I got last week was cruelly snatched away from me... I'll explain how. My Dad got a new job and the whole place was a bit of a mess - so was one of the women working for him (who was sharing his office). She decided to quit, which is good because she was apparently bad at her job. Anyway, last Friday was her last day and so you would expect that she would clean out all her things - on Saturday my parents went to the office to clean it and reorganise, and they found the very nice plate pictured here
(scroll down - it's the one with blue stripes), which they gave me to add to my collection.Unfortunately on Monday, the woman rang Dad and said she was coming in to collect all the things she had left in the office... ummm, why didn't she take them on her last day? Anyway, this meant my lovely plate had to return to its rightful owner. But now I have this lovely blue one, so that's okay - and it only cost 75cents!

Have an outstanding day everyone!


At 9:19 am, Blogger KleoPatra said...

You changed your name... Raw Vegan Princess it is then!

At 11:56 am, Anonymous Anonymous said... all looks great. I want to try that tuno recipe. I just bought myself a coffee grinder today! yippy!

At 3:51 pm, Blogger Freedom said...

Yep, I settled on a rather simple name that isn't too different to the old one - works for me!

Megan, I highly recommend you try it. The coffee grinder will come in very useful for lots of Juliano recipes, I can assure you!

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