Friday, August 04, 2006

Harmonias Midweek Munchies Meme
A Veg*n Meme

What wonderful foods did you bring home from the grocery store?

Midweek Munchies: What Freedom is contributing for the week

Well here I am, returning from my study-enforced absence with End-of-Week Munchies and it's a good one this week - lots of yummy stuff but a bit cheaper than the last few. My bills have gone up a bit since going raw - don't let this put you off if you're thinking about it though, as they don't need to. Mine have for two main reasons-
1) I am choosing to buy as much organic as possible, although I do sometimes choose conventional based on price
2) I am eating a lot more nuts than you really need on a raw diet because of my desperate need to gain weight. Fruit and veg is generally cheaper, although having said that my beautiful apples were by far the biggest expense.
Anyway, here's the list and, as always, $ means organic :-)

$apples (fuji)$
$apples (pink lady)$
baby spinach
$coconut date treats$
dried figs
golden kiwi fruit
$medjool dates$
pine nuts
sun dried tomatoes
$sunflower seeds$

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A special thanks to Running2Ks and Rift for all of their help with coding, graphics, and encouragement for this project.

PURPOSE of Midweek Munchies: Put together by a small group of Veg Women, we hope to spread the word about healthy vegetarianism while obtaining idea starters for meals, recipes, learn about new products, and meet other female veg*n bloggers. Visiting and commenting on other participants lists are encouraged but not required. Have fun and Go Veg!


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