Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm Sorry!
Hello everyone, I am in fact still alive but have been quite absent for over a week... gasp! I am on holiday at the moment but didn't say anything before I went away because i thought i would still be posting on my trip. Unfortunately, although my nanna does have internet it is a dialup connection and soooooooo slow - I have been spoiled by having broadband for so long, lol!

I have, of course, remained 100% raw and mostly fruitarian for my trip and I have shared some wonderful raw creations with friends and family. All round I'm having a lovely time although I'm looking forward to getting home to my parents and animal companions tomorrow night. Speaking of animal companions, however, I have some very sad news since I've been away - two of my lovely guinea pigs BumbleBee and Brandy Pudding both passed away as a result of suffering heat-stroke in the 42 degree (celsius... that's over 100F, I think) heat. My parents did their very best but sadly I now only have little Placid remaining.

I cannot upload any photos at the moment but I will put some up when I get home - I've made some more things for my Shazzie recipe quest that I want to share. I will post again soon, so please keep checking back, and have a totally awesome day!


At 8:12 am, Blogger happysky1 said...

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At 2:32 am, Anonymous VeggieCure said...

I am so sad to hear the bad news about BumbleBee and Brandy Pudding. I used to have a guinea pig in elementary school and she was the sweetest little creature.

My condolences.

At 5:23 am, Blogger Michelle said...

i've been wondering where you are, thanks for checking in here. sorry to hear about your guinea pigs :(

At 6:42 am, Anonymous suvine said...

I love Shazzie, her videos are so cool. Isn't the fruit trip awesome? Can't wait to hear all about your stories..

I am trying to go mono now. lol. there is always " next" isnt

At 9:17 am, Blogger Kati said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your piggies. :(

I've also dabbled in raw foods a bit, so I've enjoyed reading your posts. Your journey has been inspiring!

At 11:24 am, Blogger Freedom said...

Thankyou so much to everyone for your condolences regarding BumbleBee and Brandy. I am now trying to find a rescued guinea piggie in need of a home, as my one remaining pig Placid is very lonely.

Hey Kati, I've read your blog and it's very interesting, i'm glad i've inspired you!

At 9:48 pm, Blogger jenniem said...

Hi Freedom,

so sorry to hear about your wonderful little 'pinee gigs' as my friends daughter calls them. You could try putting posters up at the local primary schools. I know so many parents who have bought them for their kiddies and have passed them on to people who have passed them on and so on and so forth. That's where I would go.

Glad you're enjoying your holiday though.


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