Saturday, January 13, 2007

MMMMMM Sunrise Smoothie

Hello, sorry it's been a few days. The truth is I have wanted to post but I haven't had any photos and I hate posting without them, although it seems that people are having trouble seeing them anyway. I haven't figured out what the issue is, I'm not doing anything differently, so hopefully that will be sorted out soon! The reason I haven't had any photos is that I've just been eating fruit the last few days - eg, on tuesday my lunch was 6 plums and 2 apples. Yum, nothing beats fresh, organic fruit!

I had a 100% fruit day with the exception of some borage and dandelion in my green smoothie and some coconut in the afternoon ( coconut is neither a fruit nor a nut, it's in a class of it's own) and it was super delicious. Pictured above (if you can see it) is Shazzie's Sunrise Smoothie from Detox Your World and it is ohhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmm, soooooooo tasty!! I didn't eat it anywhere near sunrise (actually much closer to sunset) but I really don't think it matters, it's delicious anytime!

Since I don't have much to share in the way of food, I'll instead tell you about the lovely night I had out with my parents last night. It will probably be of no interest to you what so ever but never mind. I am NOT a sport loving person, either playing it or watching it, except for when the world cup soccer is on and going to see basketball games. My parents and I started going to basketball games about 3 years ago because my dad's company sponsored the team and so they got free tickets. We went to every match of the season (almost) and had an amazing time, it was a lovely family outing. Then in February 06 we moved from our home town of ADelaide South Australia (Home of the 36ers basketball team, so named because Adelaide was founded in 1836) to Perth Western Australia, home of the Wildcats basketball team. And do you think we were going to start supporting another team? Of COURSE not. Adelaide has come here to play the wildcats just twice in the season - I didn't make it to the first game with my parents but we all went last night and it was incredible. We were, literally, the ONLY 36ers fans in the whole stadium and we were driving the wildcats supporters nuts! We came soooo close to winning but unfortunately were just defeated. It was a brilliant game though, and three of our bestplayers were out injured so it was even more immpressive.
The whole experience was dampened a little though, by the fact that a lady sitting a little way away from us actually went to the management/security of the stadium and told them that my dad was being too loud! He is never rude or abusive to the opposing team or anything like that but he has a particularly loud whistle. Apparently the lady had hearing problems and the whistling was hurting her ears. But she was surrounded by 3000 screaming fans! When the management came to ask dad to stop whistling, he was trying to explain to her that he was a heck of a lot quieter than all the wildcats fans, he had to keep stopping because she couldn't hear him over the noise they were making! It was hilarious, although kind of annoying too.
If he had been whistling for the wildcats you can bet she wouldn't complain!
Well, that's mmy little rant about that, lol :-)

HOpe everyone has a great weekend!


At 10:37 am, Blogger Sascha said...

Hi Freedom,

Thanks so much for those tips on raw food in Perth. I looked at Raw Pleasure and their website said they were not going to continue carrying those items. I will check out Alive Organics.

If there are any products that you find difficult to get I would love to hear about it.

I have just returned to Perth after living in Japan for 16 years and am now researching creating an online store (vegetarian - organic).

I am also working on going raw but having trouble sticking with it for long periods. I make it for about 4 days in a row and then... I think maybe I need a support group a raw people or something to get me through this start up period.

I would like to go to the picnic! My email is

By the way - you have amazing energy to keep your blog updated so regularly. I have a blog and forum but I get so much spam on it that it destoys it. How do you stop spam etc.

All the best,


At 2:39 pm, Blogger Urban Vegan said...

That smoothie looks like sunshine--and I'll bet it tastes fantastic.

Funny story about your dad at the basketball game. That lady sounded a but sensitive--it's a basketball game. People holler and whistle. What can you do?

At 10:19 am, Blogger Freedom said...

Hi Sascha, you should definately join the Raw Pleasure forums (it's free) and start chatting on there, the support is wonderful. You can e-mail me privately at if you want to chat, I would love to catch up with you any time and chat about life in Japan, raw veganism or anything else. I'm on uni holidays at the moment, so have lots of free time, loL!
It's a pity that the tahini and almond butter are only a temporary thing, and Alive Organics actually gets their products from RP so they won't be there long either. It is apparently too expensive to get the products through customs etc. I am addicted though, so I think I'll have to order from America when the RP supply runs out!
Thanks, I think RAW gives me loads more energy, lol, but I don't kow about the spam - I'm just lucky I guess. I also don't use any words in my posts that could have many rude meanings so that probably helps!
Have a great day, hope to hear from you soon!

UV the smoothie was amazing, and doesn't it look lovely in the sunlight? Glad you weren't too bored by my story lol, and I agree - I'm sorry that the woman had hearing problems and the whistling hurt her ears, but she chose to go!

At 2:21 pm, Blogger Michelle said...

we love smoothies around here! that one looks delish!

At 10:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i cant see the phots of this post or some of the past post but all sounds very good!

At 1:40 am, Blogger Cherry said...

What does that lady expect at a sporting event? Of coarse it's going to be loud, lol! She choose to go.
That smoothie looks good. What's in it?

At 10:20 am, Blogger Freedom said...

Thanks Michelle!

Grr, I am getting very frustrated with the photo situation - sorry you can't see them Johanna!

I agree Cherry, the whole thing was just kinda funny really. I can't believe that the management actually came and spoke to Dad when she asked them to! The smoothie is from Shazzie's book so I can't post the actual recipe cos of copyright but it has mango, banana, date, young coconut flesh and water. Mmm I want another one!


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