Monday, January 01, 2007

The Shazzie Recipe Quest

Hey everyone ... two days in a row, how impressive! Lol! Anyway, I've mentioned it before but I am now making it official - I am on a quest to make every recipe in Shazzie's recipe books! It's a secret desire I harboured regarding cookbooks for some time, but now my secret is out in the open! I love the simplicity of Shazzie's recipes, and their reliance more on fruits and veggies than nuts, seeds, grains or anything else. Although the one section that always causes me problems is the Salad Dressings, because despite the fact that Shazzie isn't a fan of oils and uses them sparingly, one place they always come up is the dressings. So I'm thinking I might just aim to make every recipe in every section except Salad Dressings. I hadn't planned a timeline on this but I just realised that it's January 1st so why not say I want to have achieved my goal by the end of the year :-)
I've been doing pretty well recently, especially making loads of fruit puddings from Detox Delights - pictured above is my lunch from yesterday, which was Creamy Sunrise served in a savoy cabbage leaf. It is basically just banana, paw paw (papaya), berries and dates. I used mulberries because we have a HUGE mulberry tree covered in fruit, although the recipe actually calls for strawberries.
Hope everyone has a wonderful first day of the year!


At 11:01 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I have enjoyed reading your blog. How lovely and upbeat you are. You mentioned wanting to know what Mousse de Naranja meant. Naranja is Spanish for orange. So quite simply it means Orange Mousse.

I was very interested to read about your raw vegan picnic. Please can you tell me more about whether there is a group in Perth that meets regularly? Or is there a raw vegan email group?

I have been raw vegan for a few years, and in that time have made several contacts in Perth, one lady in particular is looking to make contact with other like minded souls.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.



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