Thursday, January 04, 2007

A recipe and more on the Shazzie quest

Hello! I have a recipe for you today, isn't that exciting? It is what I ate for lunch yesterday and was extremely tasty:

Stonefruit Pudding:
1/2 a large mango
1 peach
1 nectarine
flesh of (most) of 1 young coconut

Put everything in a blender and blend. Well, you might want to take the stones out of the peach and nectarine first, lol!

I had a bit of an issue with my (brand new, christmas present) blender when I was making this - as I was merrily blending away, there was suddenly one of those horrible electrical-appliance-gone-wrong smells, followed by a very unpleasant noise. I stopped the blender right away, opened it up and found that the rubber seal ring had slipped loose and become tangled around the blades! :-( Luckily it hadn't had the chance to get chopped into a million pieces and ruin my meal but needless to say I wasn't happy. There have been problems with this blender from the start, but when it's actually working it is excellent, so I hope they don't continue.

Anyway, for lunch the day before yesterday I had a meal from Shazzie's DEtox Your World, Fig Stew. It was perfect because it uses lots of figs and berries, and I have both free figs and berries at the moment! :-) It was nice but not amazing. I think the thing is that figs are soooooooo amazingly delicious, it is kind of a crime to mix them with anything. Also the idea was to mix the ingredients together and then let them sit for a while for the flavours to blend (ie the 'stew' part) but I couldn't wait for that so I ate it right away. I also left out the cinnamon.
I have to go, I have to work today. Have a great day everyone!


At 8:55 am, Blogger Michelle said...

aw man, that sounds like some bad blender problems! i hope they don't continue, or you can get a replacement blender.

At 12:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg so delish looking ahh, we are like closet chefs. maybe we should go to school, eh?


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