Thursday, December 14, 2006

No Food but a FLOG and Some Other Things

I have had possibly the most amazing week of my life! I'll start on Sunday - my university results for this semester just finished were released and I received two HDs (high distinctions) for my Cell Biology' and 'Biostatistics and Information Retrieval' units and two Ds (distinctions) for my anatomy and 'Animal and Human Bioethics' units! Yay! Although I was hoping for better in anatomy, I guess I should be satisfied! (In case you don't know, I'm studying a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery).
Then Monday a new addition joined my family - the gorgeous ratty you see above! If you remember, my beautiful, precious, beloved rat Spirit passed away after a sudden short illness a few months ago and I've been desperate to find another but I refuse to buy from a pet shop or breeder. I rang the RSPCA, my vet (who specialises in rodents), someone who used to run a rat rescue centre, and joined the Australian ROdent Resuce yahoo group, but had no success. Then on Monday I got a message on my phone from a man who is moving to Melbourne with his family and driving there (at least 5 days from here in Perth). His daughter had a rat but they couldn't take her with them so they had rung the RSPCA, who gave them my number. He cam over right away with his daughter and 'Mitzy' the rat, who has since been renamed Bliss. I felt very sorry for his daughter, but very happy for me!! :-) As you can see from the picture, she is a beautiful girl and her fur is SOOOOO soft. Her diet consisted of dry pellets which look like cardboard and are about the least appetising things I could imagine - I gave her a piece of pineapple on her first day here and she didn't know what hit her! Since then she has been devouring every raw delicacy (eg, fruits and veggies) she can get her paws on! Plus she loooves green smoothies!

Now I thought something exciting happened on Tuesday but I can't remember, so on to wednesday (aka yesterday). I lashed out hugely and bought myself... an Ezidri Snackmaker dehydrator (if you click on the link you have to scroll down a bit). I have had a dehydrator since I went raw but it didn't have temperature control and was technically 'cooking' my treats, so I've been longing to upgrade but the $200 price tag was a bit off putting. But I'm glad I spent it now. The dehydrator I got is about the very bottom of the range when it comes to temperature controlled dehydrators but I prefer fresh food most of the time and I just wanted to be able to use my dehydrator when I wanted without knowing that all the enzymes in my food were dead, so it serves my purpose nicely.
In addition, I bought raw cacao powder (not a half kilo though! Only 150grams) for the first time. I need a little more magnesium and aside from being delicious, raw chocolate is REALLY high in magnesium. I haven't used it yet, but there will be a recipe soon!
I also got a $40 voucher to spend at the Raw Pleasure Shop because I proof-read a new holiday e-book that the site owners Sheryl and Piers have created with Raw Author Nomi Shannon. $40!!! I can't decide what to get.

And for the final awesomeness, today is my five month anniversary of 100% raw. YaY! Now I was going to give you Tuesday's FLOG but I really don't have time.
Hope you have a day as wonderful as my week has been! Here's one more picture of beautiful Bliss.


At 1:48 pm, Blogger Urban Vegan said...

Bliss is beautiful. And she's lucky to have you as her Rat Mamma.


I had a pet rat when i was your age named Poilu.

At 8:05 am, Blogger Freedom said...

Thanks UV - does Poilu mean something in another language (I can't remember what your heritage is... sorry!) It's a beautiful name. Aren't rats just gorgeous?!


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