Monday, December 04, 2006

More Exciting Things!

I'm here! Twice in two days... impressive, huh?

Edit: Okay, so I started this quite some time ago and am only just getting around to finishing it. Sorry!

Now I'm going to continue with the exciting things that happened last week. As Jen pointed out in the comments of the last post, I won a contest to receive a signed copy of Shazzie's book 'Detox Your World' and my entry to the competition can be seen in her journal here. Shazzie is a HUGE inspiration to many many people and thousands of people read her journal so I am very honoured and excited to have my words appear there. Hopefully I can inspire someone too!

Onto the next exciting thing. Being on holidays, I am trying to find work at the moment and last week I started a paper route. It turned out to be about the least profitable job imaginable, paying only approximately $4.20 (Australian) per hour so I'm not doing it anymore, but I made a discovery whilst delivering papers that makes it all worthwhile - a fig tree. On public land. FRUITING NOW!!! So I now have access to free, sweet and delicious figs. I'd post a picture but I've eaten all the ones I picked and need to go back for more!

On Saturday I went to hand out leaflets at shopping centres regarding the factory farming of pigs, which was organised by an organisation called PAWS, the People and Animal Welfare Society. I love them, because they are interested in helping animals without harming people and vice versa, for example they are starting a vegan soup kitchen soo to show that in order to help the homeless, you don't need to slaughter innocent animals. Anyway, they sell a range of organic vegan products like instant vegan meals made by a local company called 'Mental Lentil' (isn't that the coolest name?!!), vegan chocolate, animal testing/animal ingredient free shanpoos and more. Amongst this range of great vegan stuff I found... RAW HEMP SEEDS!!! This may not seem so exciting to you, depending where you're from, but this is the FIRST TIME I have seen hemp seeds in Australia. This is because our government still has the stupid idea that they can somehow be used to grow marijuana (THEY CAN"T!) and so they're illegal. I don't know how PAWS managed to get them... I actually don't think they have gone through the correct channels, and I have a feeling they're illegal, but I don't care! Lol! :-)
Anyway, on Tuesday I used my hemp seeds for the first time to make stuffed mushrooms. The stuffing contains:
hemp seeds
yellow capsicum
pinch of paprika
All chopped up in the food processor and stuffed in mushrooms. I had more than you see in the picture, so I also had 3 leaves of pak choy with the stuffing spread on them. YUM!
The hemp seeds are very nice, they kinda remind me of pine nuts but I like them and I don't like pine nuts. I don't LOVE them but I think I'll eat them once a week or so. Whatever I feel like. They're very good for you though (well, everything I eat is but... ya know! :-)

Hmm, I think there was another exciting thing but I can't think of it now so I'll just post this picture of Shazzie's Sunset Pudding that I made the other day. Lucky you, even people who don't have her book Detox Delights can see the recipe here. I didn't use the dates and it was divine. Yum yum yum. If you remember, a while ago I said I was trying to make every recipe in this book, and I still am, but I have kinda changed the aim now because there is only one section of the book posing problems, and that is the Salad Dressings. So I want to make every recipe in every other section of the book!

Oh and I haven't done a FLOG in a while so here is what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast - Green smoothie with silverbeet, banana (frozen) and... mango, I think. Or maybe it was peach. And 2 apples after. And a mandaring, I think.
Lunch - Two apples. A DURIAN!!!! YUMMM! Oh this is sooo good, I want more now. If you don't know anything about Durian's read about them here.
Snack - A banana, half a mango and two frozen strawberries blended with a dash of raw carob powder. Yum. And a mandarin.
Dinner - ABC Soup (see my recipe blog) and corn off the cob with sprouted chickpeas.

My whole day was just fruit and veggies and I loved it! Yum.
Have a totally great day!


At 11:24 am, Blogger Gaia said...

I love the name Mental Lentil !! So cool :)

And how lucky are you to have found free figs !!

At 6:44 pm, Blogger Candi said...

Free figs!! I want to get a paper route now! Lol! That was good luck!

I love the mushrooms! I didn't know what "capsicum" so I had to look it up. Is it just a regular pepper? I'd love to make those! :P

I was 100% raw today. :) :) :) I had to share. :P

At 7:55 am, Blogger Freedom said...

I know Gaia, isn't it just awesome! Pity they're not sprouted lentils though... :-)

Sorry Candi, I forgot about the different names in different parts of the world - yup, a capsicum is what you guys call a bell pepper. That's SO great you were 100% raw for a day. How did it feel?

And yes, I'm VERY happy about my fig find!

At 1:58 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved the sunset pudding!

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