Thursday, December 21, 2006

Can you turn him into pudding?

Has anyone seen a (very short) movie called 'Darkwing Duck and the Justice Ducks'? It's a kids movie which I watched over and over again with my two cousins at my grandma's house - we also watched 'Ivanhoe,' 'All DOgs GO to Heaven,' 'The Emerald City of Oz' and a few more. Those are beautiful memories. Anyway, in Darkwing Duck, Darkwing is dating a magical duck name Morticia and his daughter GOslen is constantly pestering her to turn Darkwing into things, one of them being pudding. Morticia tries and fails repeatedly... long story short, at the end of the movie she finally manages to turn one of the 'baddies' into chocolate pudding, whic Goslen then sticks her finger into and eats. It's very funny. Well... maybe just to me!

Anyway, having shared that with you let me get to the point! Here in Australia, we don't really 'do' puddings - I don't even know the definition of a pudding, I kinda just think its a gooey sweet thing you eat with a spoon? But since reading Shazzie's books Detox Delights and Detox Your World I have discovered that in England, 'pudding' is actually just another word for dessert. Geez I'm confused!! In 'Detox Delights' Shazzie says "They [puddings] are fantastic whole meals in themselves. How exciting is detoxing? You can eat puddings galore and get healthier than ever!" And that is just what I have been doing. Pictured above is Marinated Mangoes with Lychee Ice-cream from Detox Your World, however I didn't actually marinate the mangoes. Also, it is SO HOT here that my 'ice-cream' very quickly became slush. Still tasted great though! Oh and as you can see, I served it in a savoy cabbage 'bowl' - yum and extra healthy.

This is Semolina Pudding with Figgy Jam also from Detox Your World. I know the picture is blurry, I don't know why and I'm very sorry about that but I thought it was so pretty I'd share anyway. I changed it a little by adding fresh mulberries from the ENORMOUS tree in our backyard to the jam. This (both pudding and jam) was REALLY YUMMY!!! So simple, so healthy, so delicious. Oh and After taking the picture I served this on cabbage too!

Thanks for stopping by and have a super awesome day!


At 12:49 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks great! Have a great holidays!

At 2:59 am, Blogger Urban Vegan said...

Love semolina--and I know I would love figgy jam. Get figgy with it!

Happy holidays.

At 7:59 am, Blogger Freedom said...

Thanks Johanna, happy holidays to you too.

And the same to you UV - I never tasted 'real' semolina so I'm not sure how this would measure up. It was delicious but I don't know whether it tasted like the real thing or not - the ingredients were banana, apple and celery! :-) Mmm, the jam was to die for!

At 12:03 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

darkwing duck, oh yes, was that on nickelodeon


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