Friday, September 15, 2006

Harmonias Midweek Munchies Meme
A Veg*n Meme

What wonderful foods did you bring home from the grocery store?

Midweek Munchies: What Freedom is contributing for the week

Hi there, it's been a while since I contributed my Midweek (aka End-of-Week) Munchies list. Mostly because I've been too busy but also because I've kind of been getting food all over the place - when you eat 8 pieces of fruit a day, it's a bit hard to buy a week's worth all at once! So here is what I bought today, anyway - as I'm eating more fresh fruit and veggies and less nuts and dried fruit, my price tag for munchies is going down, yay!

*apples (pink lady)*
capsicum (red)
dried figs
*flax seeds*
grape tomatoes (I think they were organic, but not sure)
*kiwi fruit* (mmm, so good at the moment!)
sunflower sprouts (maybe organic?)

I'll be getting more tomorrow... that list looks short but I'll probably get:


Have a wonderful end-of-week everyone!!
And thanks to all the people who commented two posts ago - I had a tota; of 14 comments, my most ever, and I was VERY excited!

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PURPOSE of Midweek Munchies: Put together by a small group of Veg Women, we hope to spread the word about healthy vegetarianism while obtaining idea starters for meals, recipes, learn about new products, and meet other female veg*n bloggers. Visiting and commenting on other participants lists are encouraged but not required. Have fun and Go Veg!


At 11:12 pm, Blogger Harmonia said...

Fruit, Fruit, glorious fruit! Great list! I am in need of produce in a BAD way! It's a must this weekend! :)

At 7:17 am, Blogger Mary said...

I've decided to try being as much raw as I can be for a week! I will need your help. What are some simple, easy recipes? Particularly salad dressing because I really like salads. I'm not a fan of avocados, so anything without them is good.

At 11:58 am, Blogger Freedom said...

Harmonia, you are so right! I LOOOOOVE fruit! I couldn't live without it.

Mary, that's awesome (RAWsome!) To start off, go to my raw recipe blog using the link on the sidebar of my regular blog... that will start you off. I'll put some links in my next post just for you! Good luck and may you have a wonderful week.

At 12:57 pm, Blogger kleo2 said...

Great Munchies, kiddo.

It's not the quantity of post replies you get, Freedom, it's the quality that matters! I like hearing from you too! :o)

At 8:01 am, Blogger Mary said...

I saw some really yummy recipes on your recipe page. Thanks! I realized that I just randomly started talking to you lol. I think I found you through EatPeacePlease or someone through her. Don't really remember! I'm going to post later tonight the food I'm going to go buy at our farmer's market and how I feel today. Talk to you soon!

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