Sunday, September 03, 2006

My Exciting Purchases
Hey everyone! I've decided not to do Midweek Munchies this week, for a few reasons, mainly since I've only done one other post since my last one. However, I do have a couple of other purchases that I want to mention. First of all, if you've been reading my blog for any length of time you will know that, especially since going raw (although before that as well) I have had serious problems with my food processor. It jsut never met my needs. When I went back 'home' during the uni holidays my grandma bought me a new food processor as a reward for my good exam results but that one really wasn't much better. Considering that I use my food processor (FP) at least once every day, usually twice and quite often three times, it really is very important to me, and so last saturday I started seriously thinking about getting a new one. What I really wanted was an 'Oskar' made by Sunbeam, and I was looking at them on a few websites and thinking that maybe I would ask GRandma to get me one as a joint birthday/Christmas present (they'e pretty pricey). The following day, the house three down from us had a garage sale (like a yard sale in America) and my mum and I went to have a nosey around. Amongs t the cracked plates, dog-eared yoga books and stained t-shirts, what do you think I found? An Oskar, for $5!!I truly couldn't believe my good luck. When the man selling it plugged it in for me and I saw the blades whirring round with such speed and force, I was in love! I have used my little Oskar many, many times since than and let me tell you, he is incredible. You have not experienced a FP until you have used this thing, honestly. I am just so very happy to have found the prefect FP, right when I wanted it, and for just $5!
AT the garage sale I also bought a citrus juicer for $5, which is pretty good but nothing really special, and two lovely plates, for 50 cents each, to add to my interesting crockery collection.
Here is a picture of my wonderful Oskar:

Now, onto some food. On Tuesday for lunch I made Pink Sunshine from Shazzie's 'Detox Delights,' which is listed in the Salad Dressing section but she suggests putting it in nori rolls and that's what I did. It is REALLY delicious. I used a whole lot less pine nuts than the recipe calls for but other than that I pretty much followed it. In this picture it is wrapped up in a nori roll with some fresh corn off the cob mixed with sprouted lentils and some chunks of avocado. Oh, and they're all on one of my new 50cent plates.

Here we have lunch from yesterday, which is a slight variation on Shazzie's Eat it off me, Beppie salad (she has some weird names for her recipes!) It has lettuce, chinese cabbage, cherry tomatoes, avocado, dehydrated eggplant 'crisps' and a few other yummy things. Sorry the picture is so bad, the rechargeable batteries in the camera died before I had a chance to take any better ones.

This is last night's dinner, Creamy Quinoa Tabouleh from Juliano's RAW. I have been meaning to make this for AGES and only just got around to it... it was really yummy! I only ever had 'normal' tabouleh once in my life before going raw and I really wanted to try a raw version, and I'm glad it was this one! Highly recommended.

Last of all, I must tell you about the new fruit I experienced yesterday... young coconut. I can't begin to put into words how delicious it is so I command you to go right now and find an Asian supermarket or anywhere else you can that stocks them. GEtting in is hard, and requires a big knife and some violence, but it is so worth it. GO! NOW!

Have a great day everyone!