Thursday, May 04, 2006

Photographic Food Log
This is a very quick post giving you a photographic FLOG of what I ate today. This came about because I wanted to show off the cool little bag I take my lunch to uni in and also because my breakfast was so pretty I just HAD to take a photo. So, here we go:

Breakfast - 99% fat free blueberry soy yoghurt sprinkled with poppy seeds, rolled oats and craisins
1 cup of fresh squeezed orange and graprefruit juice (not pictured).

Lunch - salad consisting of lettuce, tomato, carrot, corn, beetroot, sweet potato* drizzled with rice malt syrup. (All organic except the corn and beetroot).This is in the larger container on the bottom.
8 roasted, unsalted cashews in the container with the red lid (yes I counted them - I'm a bit obsessive about having even numbers of things!)
1 apple

Dinner - Tofu and Pineapple Kebabs with Tomato-ey Sauce (I can't be bothered putting a link to this but if you like the picture look through the archives and you'll find it.)

*Yes, I have sweet potato in my salad and yes, it is raw. Try it - it is really yummy!
If you're interested, my totally cool insulated lunch bag comes from PETA - I absolutely adore it!
Thanks for stopping by and see you all tomorrow!


At 2:26 am, Blogger Harmonia said...

These pictures are wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing!

At 2:21 pm, Blogger Freedom said...

Thanks Harmonia! It's nice to see you back and I hope your life has got itself the right way up again!

At 1:53 pm, Blogger Dori said...

I love the lunch bag!! I want one. You said you got it from PETA, website??

At 4:52 pm, Blogger Freedom said...

Yep, you go to the peta homepage then click 'Shop' up the top. I was going to put a link but my computer is being silly at the moment!

I love it too. I actually got it for free - I am a member of peta2 and every time you do something for animals (eg go to a demonstration) you can submit a report about it and receive 'points.' Once you have ammassed enough point, you can buy articles with them... the lunch bag 'cost' me 7500 points.

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