Friday, April 28, 2006

Harmonias Midweek Munchies Meme
A Veg*n Meme

What wonderful foods did you bring home from the grocery store?

Midweek Munchies: What Freedom is contributing for the week

-unsweetened applesauce
-silken tofu
*firm tofu
-orange and mango juice
-blackstrap molasses
-pitted dates
-reduced-salt soy sauce
-sweet paprika
-no-salt tomato paste
-canned four bean mix
-baby spinach
-field mushrooms

*red capsicum
*brown onion
*spring onions?
*sweet potato

I am sooo excited about my blackstrap molasses purchase - ever since I learned that it is high in calcium and iron and low in fat I have been out to get some! Watch out for recipes in the coming days/weeks/the rest of my life!

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A special thanks to Running2Ks and Rift for all of their help with coding, graphics, and encouragement for this project.

PURPOSE of Midweek Munchies: Put together by a small group of Veg Women, we hope to spread the word about healthy vegetarianism while obtaining idea starters for meals, recipes, learn about new products, and meet other female veg*n bloggers. Visiting and commenting on other participants lists are encouraged but not required. Have fun and Go Veg!


At 2:25 am, Blogger Harmonia said...

What kind of Gnocci did you buy?


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