Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A different kind of Muffin
This is a non-edible kind of Muffin - how can a muffin be non-edible, you say? Well, here's the answer:

This adorable guinea pig is named Muffin. Actually, she was named Muffin - the reason I am posting this is that it was three years on Sunday since she passed away, at the ripe old age of seven. I am an absolute guinea pig lover (I currently have four) but this love affair began with Muffin when I was eight. Back then I was not obsessed with the edible kind of Muffin and I have no idea what prompted me to name her this, but it certainly works out nicely for this blog post! After I got Muffin (from a pet shop - I was uneducated back then) I adopted Spunky from a boy at my school who had to get rid of him (their other three piggies died in rather unpleasant circumstances, so I like to think I rescued Spunkster) but although Muffin was definately a girl and Spunky was definately a boy, nothing happened. In SIX YEARS not one baby. Looking back now, that is a very good thing, as the world doesn't need more babies of any domestic animal, but at the time I was rather disappointed. Muffin and Spunky lived together happily for six years, absolutely devoted to each other - when Spunky had a stroke I thought Muff would die of a broken heart, but by this point she was living with Brandy Pudding (another piggy named after food - this is because she is very pudding shaped!!) so I think that took her mind off things. She eventually died almost a year after Spunky, while I was at school.
So that's the story of the non-edible Muffin! Back to food blogging tomorrow. Have a good day and thanks for visiting!


At 3:30 am, Blogger primaryconsumer said...

That picture is so darn cute!

At 12:11 am, Blogger Freedom said...

I know, I just love it. I have a copy stuck on my pin-up board so I can see it all the time! By the way, thanks for posting the tofu sour cream recipe - I plan to tweak it a little to try and get some of the oil out :-)

At 12:14 am, Blogger Freedom said...

I just noticed that you've linked to me from your blog - thanks heaps!

At 2:11 am, Blogger primaryconsumer said...

Yeah, I know about the oil. Last time I made it, I only used 1 tbsp of oil.

At 9:59 pm, Blogger Harmonia said...

This lil bugger is just too cute! Thanks for sharing.

I will post about the Quinoa attempt later today.

Thanks for commenting on the books!


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