Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My Recipe e-Book is Officially for SALE!
YAY! If you would like to buy a copy of my book, just pop over here and pick yourself up a copy. It's a total bargain at $11.95 (AU)!! Here is the spiel from the linked page above:

It gives us so much pleasure here at Raw Pleasure to bring to you this ebook. We have watched Freedom grow over time, going through her battles with a gentle strength that shines through her writing.

Created by our very own FreedomB, this ebook gives a basic outline on what raw veganism is, mouthwatering recipes, great photos and more!

Great for all types of raw, the recipes are mouthwatering and delicious yet simple and easy to prepare. Become inspired!

Recipes Fit For a Princess comes in an easy to download Adobe PDF format.

I will put a permanent link to the page in the sidebar so if at any point in the future you decide you want one, it will be waiting for you. I had so much fun writing the book and the excitement of seeing it finally for sale was almost overwhelming. Of course making money from it is going to be totally awesome (it will go towards m uni degree, scrummy organic fruit, and charities, if you're interested) but I really hope that it will make raw food easier for people. I'm just one girl, who went raw overnight, without being anything super special. I hope others can see how easy it is.
Have a fantastic day everyone, and stay tuned for more regular posting in the near future!


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