Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fancy Food
Hello! I know I've been away for a while but I've got quite a few yummy food pics to make up for it!

Last night I made capsicum boats - aren't they pretty? I would so serve this if I owned a raw restaurant, or had someone really special coming over for dinner. If you're interested, I actually had quite a few more boats than are in this picture, but with all of them on the plate didn't look as nice, lol! In terms of taste, they were good but only had about 3 hours in the dehydrator and in this case I think at least overnight would be much better, simply to soften up the capsicums a little bit. I like capsicums but they have to be really sweet for me and these weren't quite, so I think that would be good. And I needed to soak the dried tomatoes. But other than that they were good. So good in fact, that I'm going to post the recipe on my recipe blog. Aren't you lucky!!

This is another occasion recently when I felt like getting really creative. The kebabs have cherry tomatoes, pineapple, capsicum and cauliflower on them, they are served on a bed of baby spinach and have a tomato-ey dressing. Very yummy, but also could have done with longer in the dehydrator. Sorry that pic is so blurry!!

This is a picture that I took a looooooooong time ago and I really can't remember what was in this salad but I thought it was pretty (if a little blurry) so there you go!

Now before I post anymore meal pics, I need to tell you about the exciting thing(s) I bought just recently. COCONUTS! I love me some coconut, both young and mature but the ones available here in West Australia have been grown with chemicals, shipped from overseas, irradiated and stored for who knows how long. Buying a coconut from a shopping centre is basically taking a 50/50 chance on whether it will be edible or not - often even if it's edible it's quite tasteless. Plus i really think I could feel the chemicals having an effect on my body. So I pretty much gave up coconuts.
Then I discovered that Sunrise Coconuts delivers to WA. WAHOOOO! Basically, these are both young and mature coconuts, grown organically in Northern Queensland and harvested by hand, then delivered to your door. And they work out at about the same price as the awful supermarket ones. Yes please!! My friend Kate, of In the Raw and I went halfsies on a sack of coconuts and then we waited...and waited...and waited... then finally came! (They travelled by road, all the way from one side of Australia to the other, which is why it took so long.)

I personally didn't love the young coconuts that much - they were nowhere near as sweet as the ones shipped over from Thailand and they had almost no meat. They weren't bad, but not great either. But the mature ones! WOWEEE! These are amazingly good coconuts. My beautiful Ruhsa seems to love them too:

Here she is laying on the sack that they cam in, with one of the young ones next to her. She was having fun chewing on the sack itself so I thought maybe that was her fascination but then the cocos were moved into a box (without the sack) and she climbed in with them, so I guess it was them she was after. Isn't she a cutie!?! I know she looks grumpy but I think she was just getting sick of us pointing and laughing at her, lol.

So here are some coconutty creations:

Very loosely based on the Snow Cake in Ani's Raw Food Kitchen. Yummy but honestly, with dates and dried banana, it got a bit sickly at the end.

A salad with simply lettuce, snow pea sprouts, grapes and coconut. Yum. Grapes and coconuts are a very good pairing!

Well congratulations if you made it to the end of this mammoth post. If you celebrate Easter,I hope it's wonderful. If not, enjoy the long weekend like I will (though I'm working, lol!)